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Dan 04-24-2005 02:25 AM

hello everyone
Hello everyone,

I guess I'll start by introducing myself. I'm an 18 year old french-canadian and i go by the name Daniel(preferably Dan). I've been working out for a couple years since i had a terrible illness with parasites 4 years ago. I own a bowflex and free weights with bench. I've been using the bowflex for a long time now, but i decided last week to change to free weights for a couple months or if all goes well forever. I do not weigh much now due to being on crutches for 6 months because of a bone tumor on my pelvis bone. I had surgery just a month ago in my stomach to get it removed. I've lost alot of weight and muscle. Now im am trying to gain all that back and MORE. Hopefully it can be done with all your help and support. I would greatly appreciate all your input and suggestions. I am an all around good guy (so ive been told :rolleyes: ), perhaps maybe we could even become friends. :cool:

I will keep this short and write again once its not 4:30am. Was that a decent introduction? :D

Snachito 04-24-2005 09:06 AM

Hey Dan! And welcome to this here site! I wish you good health this year and hope that you can accomplish your goals. Any questions you have post them and we'll help you out. Good luck Dan!

Dr X 04-24-2005 03:08 PM

Hey Dan,
Welcome, ask away, everyone is ready to help.

apocalypse 05-04-2005 11:42 AM

Welcome to the forum Dan. Hey Taurus, if u start putting (TM) symbol after every english word, then I wont be able to say anything without having to pay u a cut of it. What have u been smoking? It sure looks like something better than what I got :D :D

Darkhorse 05-04-2005 11:47 AM

Welcome. Sounds like you had a shitty time weightlifting lately. Hopefully you stay healthy this time to grow!

GuardDog 05-04-2005 05:58 PM

Welcome Bro.

apocalypse 05-05-2005 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by TAURUS
How big is your chin APOC? I need a place to rest my n:eek:ts :D Dont even try to say Im this french guy you DOLT!!

I think even a chink can hold ur raisin sized n :eek: uts on their chins, so how about asking one of ur parents?? Hey bro, how old are u by the way??

Darkhorse 05-05-2005 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by apocalypse
I think even a chink can hold ur raisin sized n :eek: uts on their chins, so how about asking one of ur parents?? Hey bro, how old are u by the way??

Funny shit. Taurus, aren't you in your mid thirties? :confused:

GuardDog 05-05-2005 06:51 PM

What do you call Nuts on your Chest? ChestNuts.

What do you call Nuts on your Chin? A dick in your mouth.

:D :D

apocalypse 05-06-2005 12:50 AM

311 u know he is half asian right? I think he is older than me, if not he is wiser. Lol, I know nothing about nuts on chin, may be u and Taurus got experience with it :D U too damn gay mofo's should hook up, then we can have a wedding sponsored by BBnet in Massachusets or whatever the name of the state where gays can legally marry :D

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