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Ramiro 02-19-2008 10:31 PM

Hi :)
Hi guys/girls,
Well, I'm from Argentina, 20 years old..
I play soccer for a University (scholarship) and as they told me I needed to gain some strength & weight, i started the gym again (totally different from soccer related exercices), you know.. during the soccer season the only thing we do is run, run, run, leg power exercise, run faster and eat pasta. Well, now we are in the pre-season and the coach told some of us that for the following season he wants to see us bigger (top). I'm 6-2 and weight 160, so you know.. im pretty "light" but fast enough for soccer xD. Well.. i started going to the gym again, i used to go frequently before i got the scholarship so i know quite a bit what this is about, but i'll need a lot of help, i hope i can find it here. My main goals during this semester are to gain strength (power) and weight.
So.. well.. thats it! ty

TALO 02-19-2008 11:36 PM

hello...If you focus on your bench, deadlift and rows that will help.... My bro played soccer for an elite team and I know he didn't have to worry about his legs getting bigger or stonger. Goodluck and eat lots.

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