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Celtic_Laoch 06-13-2012 04:43 PM

Hi from Ireland
Hey guys whats up. The name is patrick im 26 and from Ireland. Ive been lifting on and off since I was 16 but have made a commitment this time to bodybuilding, call it maturity.

Without telling you my whole life story ill tell you the basics. Guy gets built by 18, guy goes to college, guy partys and neglects lifting, guy gets overweight, guy continues partying for a few years, guy gets sick of it, 2012 hits and guy grows up and returns to weightlifting, this time for good.

So thats the basics, i was 358lbs at the start of the year and am currently 288lbs while cycling and weighlifting 4 times a week and eating well.

My current schedule is mon-thurs, weight training and cycling on all 4 days.


Mon-40 mins bike..biceps, triceps, forearm, abs
Tue- 40 mins bike..back, shoulders, chest, abs
Then repeat for the other two days.

I know im neglecting the legs but im hoping to starting them soon.
I dont have unreal expectations, I guess im most concerned with my glamour muscles and losing body fat atm.

Well thats my story, say hello :)

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