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bakkily 05-13-2005 08:21 AM

Hi there!
Heh, guess I post here that I'm a n00b here. Well, here it goes, hey you body lifters here!

Dr X 05-14-2005 01:45 AM

I guess i'm answering your questions before saying Hi.
Welcome to the board. Be careful. Theres alot of weirdos here. :D

verbatimreturned 05-14-2005 03:53 AM

tell us more about yourself

bakkily 05-14-2005 09:19 AM

Heh, well, I'm 16, I'm into sports....but since I broke my arm last summer I have'nt been able to play sports at school. I enjoy lifting as a hobbie, also something to keep me fit....I also run, hate it the dratted thing, but heh, everyone must hate cardio. Into Army-type stuff(Marines) I enjoy drawing, doing art....reading books....playing WoW(World of Warcraft) only play once in a while for a few hours. Sucks up your freaking time! Hang-out with friends from Church, and School. I'm about 5'10, 220 pounds....working on getting more fit this summer.

These are my goals: Lose about 50 pounds or more this summer, just would like to break down the body to about, or near, 180 pounds, and near 12% BF, or lower. Increase over-all strengh, muscle mass. Upcoming school year I hope to be on the wrestling team, I might get back into playing football. Get a job this summer to sustain the cost of me going into Golds Gym to work out. Well, thats about it I guess.

I'm here to learn more about weight lifting, body-building....only been really been lifting for 5 mounths. So I have "alot" to still learn, but your guys wisdom should help me out. Well, off to go lift now....

hrdgain81 05-14-2005 07:22 PM

Good luck with your goals. There are plenty of very well educated people here that can help you. My first suggestion would be to pull your wieght loss goal back just a little. losing 50lbs in 3 months is possible, but not through healthy means. Shoot for 2lbs a week, thats 24lbs over the summer. then lose the rest gradually. If your wrestling, I'm sure you will drop a shit load of wieght for that ... little by little you'll build the body you want.

bakkily 05-14-2005 11:19 PM

K bud, well, with summer vacation coming in a few weeks...(week).....I am going to be following a diet, still reading on it. Work-out meathod, so I plan on burning down some major weight then. But yea, input here what you think I should do though. Thanks.

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