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soBig 03-23-2011 03:45 PM

It was time to change
I am 17. My whole life i have wanted to be that person that was so huge, i was feared. When i was 13 i got gynocamastia.. that is a condition when calcium you get going through puberty under the nipple does not go away. It was hell. Being that age i was just entering high school. i lifted 2 years straight thinking i could make it go away and it only got worse. Insurance approved it as a necessary surgery to get the build ups removed. i cried the day i learned my biggest burden would be removed (literally). since that day i have made it a personal goal to show all the people that poked fun at me that i would be something great. This year i got serious about it. Arnold Schwarzeneggers book pushed me. I want to have the ideal body. I am on my way. i dropped 40 pounds this year partially do to the fact i wrestled 215 this year. my current weight is 207 pounds. I love the fact that i am in a forum filled with real BIG guys for inspiration. I know i will need it.
(i will post my before and after pics to really get my point across)

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