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unseenstorm 10-04-2005 03:42 PM

never to old to start
well i thought i would post my story and say hi.
at a top weight of 145 pounds i never thought of body building, i was into racing bikes and playing guitar most all my life and with a lite body weight i had a slight advantage over others with a HP to weight ratio. as i get older i am not into racing any more and started noticing it was just not fun anymore.
truth is i looked and saw how bad i was looking and decided to do something about it. so i started working on gaining weight and am having a hard time doing that. that got me to thinking about body building and after some looking into it i found theres alot more to it that meets the eye. so here i am, sore from a workout and determined to get up to at least 190 pounds and look good at the same time.

EricT 10-08-2005 11:34 AM

You must have the same brand of keyboard as terroristje. :p

Yeah, it's a lot more complicated then people think. But when you first start out it's easier, I think, since your body is not accustomed to it yet. You'll probably get some results from most anything.

This is a great place to get info, so you're off to a great start. Welcome.

unseenstorm 10-08-2005 09:44 PM

thanks, the finger that should hit the shift key is missing.LOL Ohhhh hey look it does work, wow that takes alot more time. one thing at a time i may learn to type yet....with some help
one of my biggest questions starting out is what kind of program should i be on? i want to build mass, as quickly as i can and i see alot of training programs for this but dont really know where to start with amount of weight. i hear alot about muscle over load and over working. how do i go about learning what my max weight and working out weights should be?
there is an idea for a sticky: body building for dummies. like the other for dummies book series.

verbatimreturned 10-10-2005 07:38 AM


EricT 10-10-2005 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by unseenstorm
LOL Ohhhh hey look it does work, wow that takes alot more time.

Taxing, I know, but it builds your pinky finger. You can use it to defend yourself. :)

Seriously, a lot of us old guys appreciate capital letters and punctuation. People don't like having to decipher posts.

This is not the forum for this, but the bottom line is that there IS no best training program. Everyone is a little different from everyone else, and everyone is always changing, i.e. adapting. That is not to say that there isn't some training advice out there that is way off base.

By the way, there is a Bodybuilding for Dummies book.

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