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selfmade 08-14-2007 12:14 AM

How much bf% am i?

selfmade 08-14-2007 03:19 AM

Wow huh, this site hardley gets any hits at all, no one replies to anything!!!

_Wolf_ 08-14-2007 03:50 AM

its late.

do u expect a prompt reply? why? who are u anyway?

ps: ur links dont work lol

selfmade 08-14-2007 03:52 AM

Haha ya well with other threads to ive made long time ago. It is late, i guess ill just wait. And yes links do work u gotta wait!!!

EricT 08-14-2007 12:01 PM

The links take TOO long. This is the same attitude problem you've had before. You don't seem to appreciate other peoples time very much. This is a small forum. It's about quality not quantity :)

You'll get more replies if you use another photo server thingy that works faster.

TALO 08-14-2007 12:10 PM

Yup....Can't get them to work either, boss!!

Kane 08-14-2007 02:38 PM

Your post was dated at 3:14am (my time) and I'm already asleep and will be up at 5am to work...Try posting around 7pm (my time) and I can get back to you much more promptly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

selfmade 08-14-2007 05:19 PM

They work on the forums computer and mine too, it takes a long time, but it eventually comes up!!!

TALO 08-14-2007 05:49 PM

So what's YOUR guess?

Pitysister 08-14-2007 08:18 PM

without looking...i'll say 32.

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