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Stringskip 07-15-2006 08:04 PM

Pics of my fatloss
Hi guys, I did a quick introduction in the member introduction secion. What i'd like to do is increase my build overall. I'm 6' tall, weigh 168 pounds at about 10% body fat. It's hard to tell how much lean mass I want to add at this point, but i'm thinking 190 pounds at 10% bodyfat would be good for me. I'm very new to this, so shoot me some advice................

here are the pics of my fatloss journey.

FlawedGRUNT 07-15-2006 08:05 PM

holy shit... great progress man.. thats motivating... tell us how did ya do it

verbatimreturned 07-15-2006 08:16 PM

That is kickass progress, look like a whole new person, and years younger.

I'd be interested as well to see your diet, training, and supplementation plan that you used throughout your transformation

Darkhorse 07-15-2006 08:32 PM

Great job!

Stringskip 07-15-2006 08:39 PM

Thanks guys:) Well, the first 3 months I was on a low carb/low fat diet. I cut out cheese, mayo, ice cream, sweets and all fast food completely. I was (and still am) eating alot of tuna and chicken. 1 slim fast in the morning, a truckload of water all day long, apples, grapefruits, loads of steamed vegetables. I was road biking from the beginning. At first I was only able to do 6 mile rides maybe 2-3 times week. As the fat came off, and my physical condition improved, I increased the bike riding through the weeks. Now i'm doing about 120 miles a week on the bike (four 30 mile rides a week), and for the past month i've been weight training. I do sit ups and crunches 3 times a week.
As far as my weight training goes, I don't really know what i'm doing, i'm almost certain my nutrition is way off to put on the lean muscle mass that i'm looking for. I started taking protein powder when I started working out about a month ago now. I'm an easy gainer when it come to fat, it doesn't seem muscle is going to come as easily.......

Darkhorse 07-15-2006 09:14 PM


I'm an easy gainer when it come to fat, it doesn't seem muscle is going to come as easily.......
You're certainly not the only one! :)

Just don't get discouraged. Fat loss is fast, muscle building is slow in relation to one another.

FlawedGRUNT 07-15-2006 09:48 PM

thats awesome man... im stunned... you are looking cut as hell.. and you learned to shave haha

fz1 07-16-2006 05:04 AM

great job keep it up

_Wolf_ 07-16-2006 11:24 AM



ironbiceps 07-16-2006 01:38 PM

good job!!!

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