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musclemomma 06-08-2005 10:23 AM

Wanting size for a MuscleMomma
I am a single mother f 3 boys. and I have alwyas been athletic. Its a hard road trying to get into the field of BB to the level I strongly desire. I have a great support system, my 3 sons. Any advice to help a mom out!

I have a great yahoo group for Moms

I have loads of photos but not usre exactly how this thing works. Not taking my pics

verbatimreturned 06-08-2005 11:58 AM

great to have u far as tips that we may have to help u out, what exactly is your current goal and stats

Frontline 06-08-2005 12:02 PM

You look great. Nice definition and tone, very admirable for a mother of three sons. Not sure exactly how big you want to get, I personally am not a huge fan of overly muscular women, but for competition that would be understandable. Let us know more about your program and specific goals and maybe we can give some advice.

Dr X 06-08-2005 01:16 PM

Is that your pic that looks shadowy?

WantingMuscle7 06-09-2005 12:51 PM

if thats your pic then your looking really good how much farther do you wonna go what are your goals?

musclemomma 06-09-2005 04:53 PM

Yes its me
It is definately me in the dark silluette photo. I do not want to get overly huge but I am not quite sure of what I need to get ripped to the bone.

I have competed in sports all my life and have always been into fitness. Bt Bodybuilding has always been a major goal.

I am 5'10
162 pounds
14 inch biceps
22 inch quads
14 inch calves

I want to gain in my calves IN general I want to gain all over. I dont want to get HUmungous, but I do want to gain in size. Not neccessarily a heavy weight on the level of Iris Kyle. I'm taller anyway lol..

Im doing this on my own. All the supplements and stuff peple claim u must take to get the definition needed to attain a certain look. well, thats beyond my pocket.

verbatimreturned 06-09-2005 05:55 PM

for calves i would just recommend alot of weight keep in mind how much weight each calf has to deal with while your walking

apocalypse 06-11-2005 11:19 PM

Her stats look somewhat similar to mine except that I am way shorter. :(

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