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  1. anytime
    04-09-2011 11:53 AM
    HEY GOT ENANTHATE 250,PROIOTEST 100,,deca durabolin 300,,equpoise 200 ''boldenone undeclynate'' & SOME WINSTROL DEPOT 50mg. IM STACKING THE ENANTHATE & DECA 1st I WANTED SOME ANADROL TO TAKE WITH TEST & DECA I WAS GONNA TRY TO GET 3-4 weeks worth but i still haven't found any ive been on for 2 weeks & ALREADY COVERTING INTO ESTERGEN SO I PICKED UP 30 ml. of arimidex 1mg. ORAL SOLUTION & HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO TAKE IT ???? I was told i can take it while im on so it wont convert ! DO YOU have any experience with arimidex ?? icould really use some good advice and dont really know how to ask in a new post
  2. anytime
    04-08-2011 06:25 PM
    hey bro its been awhile just got back into the gym & I got a question for you about indepentant labs & their amirdex i spelled it wrong but im sure u know what im talking about its 30ml.'s & it's the liquid wiyh a droper if u want i could send pics


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