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Conversation Between Pitysister and Pitysister
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  1. Pitysister
    02-18-2009 06:07 PM
    well...you can roll around in a wheel chair for awhile
  2. Pitysister
    02-18-2009 05:03 PM
    can't even tell me what you were going to say :(
  3. Pitysister
    01-24-2009 10:22 AM
    just eating some grapefruit. and tuna.
  4. Pitysister
    11-25-2008 08:42 AM
    ha....i had two days off in a row.... feels good to finally get some sleep.
  5. Pitysister
    11-12-2008 04:45 PM
    i would like to try it...but not yet
  6. Pitysister
    10-14-2008 06:03 PM
    hey, no bragging. that'll just make me catch you sooner
  7. Pitysister
    10-08-2008 07:15 PM
    back is still good, thank you for asking
  8. Pitysister
    09-23-2008 05:12 PM
    i do the same thing with music and tv shows...except i've been really hooked on family guy and southpark and the office for a long while now.

    but i'll put a cd in my car and listen to it until it's dead. then switch.

    do you get a notification if i reply to you on here?
  9. Pitysister
    09-19-2008 07:03 AM
    yeah it is a little better today. the pain was interesting...it was most intense when i was standing up, and i looked down. i could feel like a stretching in my erectors down in the lumbar spine area. i've had some inflammation down in the sacrum/lower lumbar area since like christmas....it starts going away when i'm on anti inflams for awhile...but i can only take those so long before my digestive tract starts getting eroded. i got a call from his nurse yesterday, gotta give her a call back this morning. thanks for checkin up man.
  10. Pitysister
    09-18-2008 06:47 PM
    the ping pong and the preggo pics were just for you


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