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  1. Ross86
    10-20-2008 06:33 PM
    You didn't. Did you mean to?
  2. Pitysister
    10-20-2008 04:58 PM
    did i send you a pm with link?
  3. Ross86
    10-17-2008 06:27 AM
    Haha thanks. Sorry I missed your induction. I didn't notice until this morning.
  4. Pitysister
    10-17-2008 06:10 AM
    welcome to the red club
  5. Pitysister
    10-14-2008 05:39 AM
    13....this is her last week of cross country for the year...my sister works till awhile after she's done with practice, and my bro in law works third shift....so he wants sleep then she can ride the bus next week.
  6. Ross86
    10-13-2008 07:25 PM
    Keto diets are easy to start...they're just difficult to maintain at first. It's more of a lifestyle change than anything I've done in the realm of health/fitness/powerlifting. Good stuff though. If it will help, tell your buddy to look at my journal. It's funny...I totaled up the cost of all the food I ate today. Less than $6, I believe. How old is your niece?
  7. Pitysister
    10-13-2008 04:15 PM
    slept in....then ran to home depot...made some platforms so i can do rack pulls.....picked up my niece from school, and we played mario kart i'm trying to get my buddy to start a keto diet...but he's being kind of a vagina.
  8. Pitysister
    10-13-2008 10:10 AM
    what you up to sucka.
  9. Ross86
    10-13-2008 09:41 AM
    you're very welcome
  10. Pitysister
    10-13-2008 05:50 AM
    i knew all the christian stuff in there, but the jewish info was interesting. thank you


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