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Conversation Between Ross86 and Pitysister
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  1. Pitysister
    06-25-2009 05:11 PM
    coo...rock on dude....thanks for zee info'z
  2. Ross86
    06-25-2009 04:53 PM
    Word on the street is that you will be contacted soon regarding the cambered bar. He's heading out of town this weekend, so if you don't hear anything before Saturday, it should be first of next week. I'll make sure he gets the ball rolling since I'll get to see him this weekend.
  3. Pitysister
    11-19-2008 09:59 PM
    i did make the group. and this one is public...not invite only
  4. Pitysister
    11-17-2008 01:23 PM
    it does. i never knew the body had so many bursa sacs.
  5. Ross86
    11-17-2008 01:07 PM
    Bursitis...that sounds gross.
  6. Pitysister
    11-16-2008 05:27 PM
    it's feeling better...i might go get a cortizone shot...i think bursitis might be back. definitely cutting back volume on pressing exercises....alot
  7. Ross86
    11-16-2008 04:44 PM
    Last night I got wasted & tore up the dance floor. It was a great time. I slipped in the shower yesterday & aggravated my hamstring a bit. It wasn't a wise decision to go out, but I don't regret it. It's doing better than it was last week. I won't be walking on crutches any more. Any news about the shoulder?
  8. Pitysister
    11-16-2008 01:24 PM
    how's teh hammy?
  9. Pitysister
    10-21-2008 08:27 AM
    i have still not read it.....but i'm going to today
  10. Ross86
    10-20-2008 08:07 PM
    You are THE man.


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