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Timed Sets for MMA greatness

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Old 05-14-2007, 07:42 AM
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Default Timed Sets for MMA greatness

IMO timed sets are a great way to keep your wieghts high, and still work toward increasing your strength endurance.

Here is the basic setup for timed sets using Flat BB bench as an example:

5 min time peroid (can be extended, but IMO wieght will suffer)

rest between sets 15 to 40 seconds (as you progress toward the end of the 5 min, your rest peroid will need to increase)

Sets of 3

Wieght at 80% of 1RM (this may differ for you)

*In this example I calculate my one rep max at 360lbs (315x5 baseline) then take 80% which is 288, and for simplicity go with 285lbs. You perform the bench press as you normally would, get in a warm up and a few quick acclimation sets to get up to 285, then start the timer. Push for 3 quick reps, rack and rest for 15 sec, then repeat throughout the time peroid.


Since your training for strength endurnace the goal here is to cut down on your rest interval. The longer you can press the wieght, using only 15 seconds rest, the better your SE will become. As a byproduct of decreasing your rest interval, you will also be able to get in more sets within the given time peroid, this too is an increase in SE.

**Down Falls**

The biggest down fall to this (and any SE training) is you will not increase your strength, meaning your one rep max will not likely increase from this. Infact, your one rep max will be your limiting factor in the wieight department here. This is why SE training should be cycled with a pure strength routine.


This type of SE training is best used with compound movements, but there are some compounds that it just isnt a good idea use here. to me pressing and pulling movements are ideal, flat bench, leg press, rows, cleans, MP's ect ect.

on the other side, I wouldnt do squats like this, squats are very form dependant, and the risk of injury when exhausted is great, not to mention racking and picking up the wieght on squats would be a pain in the ass. Use of a smith may help, but then your not exactly squatting. Other things that may not work well isolations, IMO its better to just do higher rep super sets for SE on iso movements.

I leave this open for discussion, and I hope this helps some of you see what I've been talking about in the other MMA threads.
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Old 05-14-2007, 09:33 AM
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lots of good points here and I'm glad you pointed out the "Down Falls" because that is very important to note if one is a beginner to SE training.
Also, you want to make everything explosive. That is why, IMO, cleans are one of the best movements for this. Snatches are also good but they require more skill to perform heavy weight than cleans, and you have to "dump" the weight after doing a Snatch. Cleans are easier to unload and do multiples of.
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Old 05-14-2007, 11:07 AM
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Yeah, its important to understand that while this type of technique may be very benificial to SE training, its only one piece of the puzzle. Thats why SE training is so difficult IMO, there are so many aspects to touch on, its hard to get it all in at once, especially if your not a pro training 24/7.
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Old 05-20-2007, 07:21 PM
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Default hmm

interesting. Post more about training for str endurance type of deal.
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