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J-Rock 11-16-2008 04:39 AM

Whats next for Couture?
I think Randy needs to hang his shorts again.....this time for good. He is an awesome fighter, but Lesnar is just too fucking big and not to mention 15 years younger than he is. Maybe Randy should continue his acting and being a trainer since he no longer has to fight to keep the belt. After all he was the "bad guy" in the scorpion king 2.

I have a feeling Lesnar will not have the belt for too long. I'm surprised they gave him a shot after only winning two fights.

pimpsticky 11-16-2008 07:33 AM

I'm a Lesnar fan... but my hat's off to Randy...
Randy did an amazing job in his fight with Lesnar.

Would you EVER put a fighter that weighs a mere 145 pounds against a 200 pound fighter? Or, take someone out of the 155 pound weight class and pit them against someone at the 205... would that be a fair fight? Definately not...

Well that's what happened last night. Randy took on someone that outweighed him by a solid 55 pounds. AND.... he managed to give Lesnar a good fight! He even rocked Lesnar once, cutting him above his eye... and Lesnar needed 5 stitches to close it up.

Anyway you look at it... Randy is a relevant fighter that deserves respect from any opponent. And... as big and powerful as Lesnar is... Lesnar still had complete respect for Randy's ability. Every fight Lesnar was in (prior to this one), he was like a freight train. Lesnar just recklessly plowed into his opponents without fear of their ability, (that's why he got caught in a knee bar by Mir)... and Lesnar pummeled the shit out of everybody. Well, did you notice how reserved and controlled he was against Randy? Definitely a sign of respect for Randy's ability.

I haven't even mentioned that Randy is 14 years older than Lesnar... that's almost a decade and a half!

Anyway... Randy Couture is a relevant and formiddable opponent and I hope he keeps fighting.

That being said... WOW... Lesnar is just f'ing amazing! I can't wait to see him re-match against Mir...:)

pimpsticky 11-16-2008 07:58 AM

Oh... and regarding Lesnar gettin a title shot so soon...
I think that anyone posing a viable threat of taking the title should be able to fight the champ. And I feel that Lesnar was the biggest threat. But I know that's not how it works.

That being said... Lesnar was the best business choice too. His name, fame and charisma as a fighter made choosing him for a title shot a great business decision. And let's face it... UFC is a business. I'm cool with that though... Lesnar's fame brought a lot of visibility to this sport. The more visibility... the more fans. The more fans, the bigger this sport gets. The bigger the sport gets, the more room there is for competition! Sure, Elite XC went under, but another one will pop up... mark my words. Keep bringing fights with last nights marquis value and you'll get a lot more people talking about it around the watercooler at work and a lot more corporate advertising dollars taking notice... thus spawning interest in creating competition.

Just look what happened, (and still is happening) with TNA wrestling.

On different point... Randy Coutour is a great fighter and still belongs in the ring. But let's face it... he's 45 years old, so his days are numbered. The marquis value of his fight with Lesnar garnered him a much bigger paycheck than a fight with a less "talked about" opponent. So I'm completely cool with Randy padding his soon-to-come retirement. Especially since he was business savvy enought to negotiate a take from the pay-per-view profits. WAY TO GO RANDY! Fighters have a very short shelf-life... so I support anything that puts money in their pockets.

Anyway... that's my 2cents...:WEIGHT~13:

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