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jonni225 05-05-2012 02:01 AM

Cheat day approach?
So, everyone here who sticks to a strict diet knows you can't stay on track forever. How often do you guys take cheat days, how do u keep them under control and what's your overall approach?

irondog19 05-13-2012 04:13 PM

Depending on where I am in my progress towards a competition, shoot, etc. I'll base my meal off of that. I don't go all out though. Simple things like homemade fries, aesthetic pizza, even some homemade nachos... those are a few of my favorite cheats. I usually try and keep them within my macros of course! But as long as it's a meal and not a day, you should be ok! Moderation and discipline is key. Once a week perhaps. But it's called a "cheat" meal for a reason. You can cheat yourself out of accomplishing your goals - you can cheat yourself out of being the best possible version of you! Whatever you decide, just make sure you account for it, especially when dieting down for a comp or shoot. It'll all be worth it afterwards.

Mansalt 05-27-2012 12:51 AM

I think once every two weeks is optimum. This is speaking from experience.

AndrewMcInro 05-28-2012 02:23 AM

If you need to lose fat... don't have cheat meals. If you are trying to gain as much muscle as possible, a cheat meal here and there is ok.

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