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Dave876 02-28-2005 02:58 PM

Clean Bulking 101
Clean Bulking 101
By Dave876

Since I have had so many requests in the last few weeks to help people out with a "clean bulking diet" I figured I would write alittle something up so this could be easily understood, and so the user can make his own diet up using my protocols. Fist let me state that I follow John Berardiís methods of Nutrient timing so the way it works is this:

A.) meals will consist of Protein/Carbs(P+C), or Protein/Fats(P+F). Therefor while eating a P+C meal you will try to eat no more then 10-15g of fat at that time. The same will go while eating a P+F(ie: no more then 10-15g of Carbs)
B.) Since this is a "clean" bulk ALL sources of food should be from, you guessed it clean food( I will provide a list later)
C.) You should aim for 7-8 meals/day.. Not only will this supply a steady level of quality food, but eating often will keep metabolism, and fat burning trucking all day.
D.) The three most important meals of the day are Breakfast, 1st Post weight training, and 2nd post weight training. These meals should NOT be neglected in anyway to be successful.

Of course while dieting in ANY sense it is a good idea to monitor your progress, and adjust calories as needed( remember we are all different so what I am listing are in fact general guidelines ). Be sure to monitor your progress on the scale, in the mirror, and with body fat tests if you have exposure to them. While either gaining or losing weight you should shoot for no more then 2 lbs. Gain or loss per week. If you are bulking and gaining more then that chances are you are gaining fat and you need to look at your diet to make adjustments. What I suggest for "baseline" numbers are these: (I will use a 160lb example)

Protein- 1.25- 1.5gram X 1 Lb. body weight = 200-240g/day
Fat- .6-.75gram X body weight = 96- 120g/day
Carb- 1.5-1.75gram X body weight = 240-280g/day

If you feel that you are gaining fat then start cutting carbs, and fats down, but never protein! I suggest for a leaner person(10%BF or lower) to start at the higher number X body weight, and work your way up or down as needed, as for a "not so lean" person start on the lower end, and adjust as needed.

A typical weight training day should look like, and I will use a 5 p.m. workout time as an example:
M1- P+C
M2- P+C
M3- P+F
M4-(pre workout) P+ light amount of carbs( ex. Smaller version of Post workout shake)
M5 P+C Preferably bring this in a shaker bottle to the gym and drink a.s.a.p.
M6 -P+C approx. 1-1.5 hours later
M7 P+F
M8 P+F pre bed meal preferably slower acting protein sources ex: casein protein powder, or cottage cheese + a small amount of fat

The post workout shake should consist of:
25-40g of Whey protein powder
50-75g Dextrose powder(powder version of Gatorade will work)
5-10g of glutamine powder ( for recovery)
?g of Creatine if you are using it.

Protein sources:

Chicken breast(grilled with seasoning)
Lean Red meats(count as a P+F meal)
Lean fishes(Tuna most commonly)
Fatty fishes(salmon P+F meal)
Whole eggs(P+F meals)
Egg Whites(P+C meals)
Low fat cottage cheese(1-2%)
Protein powder

Carb sources:

Oatmeal(not instant)
Sweet potatoes
Brown rice
Whole grain bread/wraps
Steamed/grilled vegetables
"Healthy" Fibrous cereals ( Fiber One, granola(low sugar) Smart Start, Uncle Sams)

Fat sources:

Nuts( preferably Raw almonds, walnuts, cashews etcÖ)
Flax seeds/ Flax seed oil
Fish oil caps
Natural peanut butter(Donít make it a staple fat though)
Olive Oil
Fats from animals(again not as a staple)

-When taking in carbs try to take in a bulk of them during meals 1,PWO,and the meal after so basically make the carbs in M2 your smallest P+C meal.
-Pre-bed meal should be slow digesting protein like casein protein powder, or get used to eating 1-2% cottage cheese To make this alitte easier if you donít like cottage cheese(trust me I used to HATE it) What I do is mix Ĺ Cup of cottage cheese with Ĺ scoop of Chocolate protein powder, and pretend it is pudding!
-Make sure you eat every 2-3 hours.
-Take your vitamins!
-Limit alcohol as it reduces Testosterone levels, and also halts the fat burning progress until ALL alcohol is burned.
-Have a cheat meal or two per week. I like to make mine over the weekend. While I actually even cheat "clean" you DO NOT have to as well. When I say that I cheat clean I mean that I will just eat my normal foods except in a larger amount, or I will go out to a restaurant and get say Chicken, Rice, and beans. I am also human, and will splurge once in a while on something that has been tempting me like PIZZA!!
-Try to take in a salad or some steamed vegetables with your P+F meals, the vitamins, and fiber are very important.
-Non- weight training days I feel that you should eat 2 P+C meals(3 if leaner) and they should be the earliest meals of the day. All of your other meals should be P+F.
I recommend either signing up at , or picking up a Calorie guide book so you know how many grams you are getting from particular foods.
-Keep a food log if possible for atleast a few weeks to get a feel of how close you are hitting your numbers, and to also see what is, or isnít working for you.
If there are anymore questions feel free to ask, I hope this will allow you to make your own menu, and help you to understand when to time your meals.

Frontline 02-28-2005 03:04 PM

This is an excellent overview of how to do a clean bulk by Dave so I am going to give it a sticky for all you that are looking to bulk up. Feel free to post in this thread.

Snachito 02-28-2005 09:48 PM

Hey Dave I usually use 50/50 malto to dextro mixture for post-workout along with WPI and Hydrolized Whey. Is just using Dextro better than using the 50/50 combo? Or should I just keep it the same?

Snachito 02-28-2005 09:49 PM

Forgot to add excellent post!!!

Frontline 03-01-2005 02:14 PM


Did some searching on the topic for you and found you an appears your 50/50 mix is the best for post workouts:

Quote: To make the best possible blend, it is recommended that the carbohydrates be a 50/50 blend of dextrose (glucose) and maltodextrin. The dextrose will be absorbed very quickly and be put to work. But why not make it all dextrose you ask? Because glucose is actively transported across the cellular membrane into the muscle [9], there is a limit to the amount that can cross at any given time. Overloading the system can lead to it being oxidized, meaning that not all of it may end up in the muscles. Instead, we include maltodextrin, which takes a fraction longer to reach the ambush cite, and we are better able to create anabolic fusion.

Quote: Maltodextrin is a glucose polymer (a string of glucose units put together, similar to the protein peptide). It is therefore, by definition, a complex carbohydrate. However it's more complex nature does NOT slow digestion. Therefore, the GI and II remain high. Maltodextrin is the absolute best carbohydrate to consume during exercise for rapidly delivering blood glucose and for muscle glycogen recovery. It's also best for fluid uptake.

Dextrose (glucose) is a simple carbohydrate unit (similar to the amino acid). While it's good for exercise situations (malto is better), you're probably better off adding some dextrose to your maltodextrin formula. A little bit of dextrose may enhance the already excellent fluid uptake that occurs with maltodextrin during exercise.

Fructose is a simple carbohydrate unit, but it's structurally different from glucose. Due to its structure, it can possibly cause GI problems and/or decrease fluid uptake with exercise. Fructose, unlike other simple carbs, has to be "treated" in the liver and it reaches the muscle slowly.

Finally, sucrose consists of glucose and fructose units bonded together. Therefore, upon digestion, you get glucose and fructose in the GI (and the benefits and consequences of each).

Snachito 03-01-2005 08:16 PM

Thank you Sleazy!

Dave876 03-04-2005 04:40 AM

Yes 50/50 mix is better,and also what I use...When I wrote this up I wrote it for a H.S. kid with limited funds,and no credit card to order online so I made it as simple as possible for him(hence the gatorade powder).

Killian 04-11-2005 01:16 PM

thanks for this sticky Dave, its really helpful :D

Darkhorse 04-11-2005 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by Killian
thanks for this sticky Dave, its really helpful :D

You're an extreme ectomorph. This diet doesn't apply to you. For realistic bulking expectations, you need to take in as much protein, fat, and carbs as you can. Your body composition and high metabolism will keep your bodyfat down.

Killian 04-12-2005 01:23 PM

thanks 0311 for that bit of info, i will look into food etc


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