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BG5150 05-31-2005 08:17 AM

Good Fat / Bad Fat
What are the "good" fats for me to eat and "bad" fats for me to avoid?

ChinPieceDave667 05-31-2005 01:31 PM

good fats are anything with high Monounsaturated and/or Polyunsaturated fats.. saturated and trans fats are the bad ones..
it all comes down to cholesterol. trans and saturated fats raise bad cholesterol which is LDL.
Monounsaturated raise good cholesterol which is HDL and lowers LDL
Polyunsaturated lowers all cholesterol which is ok but not the best

good foods:
nuts, extra virgin Olive oil, flax seed oil, all natural peanut butter (with the oil that is floating on top, mix that in and never pore it out.. that's good fat there), Omega 3, 6, 9s.., eggs, dairy, avocado

bad fats:
processed food, chocolate, candy, fat from meat (but a small amount is ok).

here's a site I like to use to find out some good food nutrition.

verbatimreturned 05-31-2005 05:40 PM

when u say the same oil do u mean the same oil reused or the same type of oil...if its the same type of oil reused thats absolutly disgusting in my opinion if your switching the types of food that are used with it

BG5150 05-31-2005 06:02 PM

no chocolate? big time :-(

I always knew it was bad. So maybe on my "cheat" days...

ChinPieceDave667 06-01-2005 05:43 AM


Originally Posted by TAURUS
I think when foods/meats are fryed/cooked in their own fats , they call them 'trans fats'

I meant to say fat from red meat and pork is bad... fish fat is very good for you..

sdf42450 06-01-2005 08:20 PM

good fats are not limited to unsaturated fats. there are some saturated fats that have good health benefits as well. coconut being one of them.

good fats are things like: extra virgin olive oil, avacado, almonds, walnuts, coconut oil, etc.

bad fats are things like: margarine, ANY transfats, anything that is a "hydrogenated" oil

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