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hrdgain81 11-12-2008 12:37 PM

Good healthy fatty foods

I have recently decided to keep my fatloss/strength gain progress going by utilizing a ckd. Its been a few years since I've done this type of diet, so I need a hand with some good fatty foods to use during this time. here is a link to my journal if you want to see my macro breakdowns CLICK IT!

I have a list of some that I will be eating, they are below. If you have suggestions please post them. I am a little concerned that I wont be able to get in the amount of fat that I need to. I may front load the fat in my breakfast and lunch (should be easy to do with eggs, an such) then back off and have mostly protein for the rest of the day. I have also listed some fat suppliments i may be using.

turkey bacon
fish (not really sure which kinds)


fish oil
Sesame oil
MCT oil


TALO 11-12-2008 01:02 PM

How much Fish oils are you supplementing in a day ?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Flax are some other good oils.

Ground beef is high in fat and protein
Cheese is good too
And you don't just have to stick with Almonds - Other nuts can be used too.

Here is something I found: This will only work if your weighing your food :D

100g Almonds = 110 g Cashews = 72 g Pecans = 82 g Walnuts = 365 g Avocado = 175 g Swiss cheese = 195 g Provolone cheese = 155 g regular Cream Cheese = 250 g Feta cheese = 160 g cheddar = 240 g Mozzarella (Whole milk) = 330 g Mozzarella (Part-Skim) = 125 g Pumpkin seeds = 105 g Sunflower seeds = 160 g Flax seed meal = 65 g Hellman's Real Mayonnaise = 150 g Light Mayonnaise = 50 g olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc

(*** for every 330 grams part-skim mozzarella, you need to remove 50 g protein from that meal, and for every 240 g whole-milk mozzarella, you need to subtract 24 g protein****)

100 g tuna = 130 g crab = 135 g cod = 110 g shrimp = 145 g orange roughy = 120 g perch = 105 g halibut = 120 g lobster = 110 g trout = 115 g Salmon (Atlantic)

However, if you are going to sub in trout or salmon you will have to remove some fat from your meal. In the amounts given, you would have to remove 5-6 g of fat for the trout and 10-11 g of fat for the Salmon.

For example, if your meal called for 130 g tuna, and you wanted to use Salmon instead, you would take 130/100 = 1.3, so you would need 1.3x115 g Salmon = 149.5 or 150 grams. Then you would need to remove 1.3 x 10-11 g of fat or 13-14 g of fat from the meal

hrdgain81 11-12-2008 01:27 PM

As always Talo, you are clutch.

Don't know how i forgot cheese, hahaha. this is great info talo, oh and you have a pm coming your way as well.

EDIT: Realized I didnt answer you fish oil question. Right now I'm only around 3 grams a day. I have a ton of the stuff though, I may up that to 6-9g, plus the sesamin at 3-4g, and the MCT in the 20-30g range.

TALO 11-12-2008 02:06 PM

Yeah , I was taking over 10g a day. But I wasn't taking any flax or MCT oils. So I guess you do what helps you get those cals in .

Not sure if you count those supplements as calories , but I do - Can be a lot or might not matter :D

Ross86 11-12-2008 04:43 PM

^^^ They're definitely calories.

I don't know if you've read up on the dosages used in the studies that "proved" fish oil's efficacy...but those folks were taking a LOT of it. Normally +2g of EPA &/or DHA. That ends up being close to 10 standard fish oil caps each day. Not sure if you had looked it up or not. If you already knew, then other people will see the light. :)

Pitysister 11-12-2008 04:50 PM

i'm at 8....maybe i'll just up two more :)

Ross86 11-12-2008 04:52 PM

The highest dosage I saw was 3g, I believe. I saw a few studies done at roughly 2.5g and at least one at 2g. Besides, fish oil could be bad for you. The verdict is still out, but it's leaning towards being good.

HIThopper 11-12-2008 08:44 PM

Try marinating your meats,chicken etc in olive oil,garlic,chilli,a little lemon (little),plus pepper.Tastes awesome.

Prawns marinated like this and then BBQd are just insane.You can reserve a littla marinade and drizzle over top when cooked too.Yummy!!

HIThopper 11-12-2008 08:44 PM


Im taking like 15 fish oil tabs a day LOL

Pitysister 11-12-2008 09:02 PM's just fat :)

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