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need help with my diet

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Old 07-20-2006, 03:52 PM
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Default need help with my diet

Until now i have never had a diet because I didnt realize how necessary it is to bulking up. I have read a few posts on this site about what i should be eating and I have developed a preliminary diet that I wanted to have evaluated by all of the people who actually know what they are doing, unlike myself. I used Dr. X's post to figure my BMR and my aproximate calorie intake for a day is 2157 calories, I have added 500 calories to this because my main goal is to gain weight. So my calorie intake is going to be aprox. 2657 a day. My plan for a diet is as follows:

Wake up
Preworkout Suplement (must be taken on an empty stomach. )


Meal 1: Post workout protein shake containing 44g of protein and is made with whole milk

Meal 2: Chicken or steak stir fry made with white rice, broccoli, carrots, and 2 eggs (will be eaten immediatly after drinking my protein shake)

Meal 3: some type of pasta with a tomato, cream, or cheese sauce

Meal 4: Another protein shake prepared the same as listed above

Meal 5: A protein meat meal possibly with a pasta ( i'm a college student so this could be some type of _____ helper)
Would that be ok to eat?

Meal 6: A protein snack of peanut butter mixed with honey and/or possibly a protein bar

Meal 7: Another protein shake prepared the same as listed about

This is just a preliminary diet and i would like add another meal into the mix but i ran out of ideas. Please help me tweak and perfect my diet so that it will actually be succesful. Thank you
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