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GuardDog 04-04-2005 08:21 PM

Olive oils? What kind, how much, and recipes?
OK, so I have been seeing these things of adding olive oils to get some extra "good fats" in your diet. So I go to the store and buy a bottle of regular olive oil. When I get home, I down a shot of it and think, hmm not so bad, it reminds me of salads at Olive Gardens restaurant. Then a few minutes later I start getting this feeling in my stomach like I am going to puke. I tell the Mrs that I don't feel so well and she was laughing the entire time I did the shot because she thought "my butter has slipped off my biscuit" or for you yankees, "I had lost my mind" ;) .

So my questions are, what is the best olive oil to take, how much, and what is the best way to take it(straight shot, mixed in a salad, etc)? If you have any recipes, I would like to hear them.

Frontline 04-04-2005 10:03 PM

I don't think you really need to take shots of pure olive oil, thats pretty sick in my opinion. If you really want to get olive oil in your diet for good fats just start cooking with it. Throw your lean chicken or meat in with a little olive oil (and garlic in my case) and you'll be surprised how much flavor it adds.

But if you want to make sure your getting all of it in your system, since the meat only absorbs some of it, then just toss it on your salad with some Balsamic or red wine vinegar. Add seasoning for taste and you got a healthy and great tasting dressing. Or you could just buy an olive oil and vinegar dressing, I personally love Newman's Own and it is 100% natural with just the main ingredients and seasoning. You could also buy those salad dressing packets where you mix them with water and olive oil...they are pure seasoning so you know exactly what is in it. Just avoid the ones that have sugar.

Most homemade recipes call for around 1.5 teaspoons balsamic or red wine vinegar and 1.5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil for a salad then just add fresh pepper and salt. I forget exactly since I just do it by eye and taste now. Also when it comes to olive oil you get what you pay for. More expensive olive oil almost always tastes better than the cheap bulk stuff.

apocalypse 04-05-2005 01:19 AM

Or you can just add two tablespoons of olive oil in your protein shake. Dont go overboard with taking olive oil, as ur body cant tolerate it more than a certain amount, just for the simple fact that its fat and takes longer to digest. :D

GuardDog 04-05-2005 04:55 AM

Since I eat salads for my 3rd and 4th meals everyday, I will mix it in with that for starters. I also bought some vinegar in case I wanted to mix my own dressings, so I might try that as well. I will see if the Mrs will use it for cooking but since she isn't exactly Martha Stewart in the kitchen, then that will be an experience.

Keep the ideas coming :)

apocalypse 04-05-2005 10:51 AM

I hope u got some balsamic vinegar, that shit tastes a lot better than the regular vinegar. I had a gyro and Salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for todays lunch, sorry if I make u drool :D :D

joeyboy777 04-05-2005 11:17 AM

Yeah, balsamic vinegar rules. I have a brand Moderna, or something like that, nice tang, not overly acidic. Just get a good evoo (extra virgin olive oil), and drizzle it on a salad, also, try walnut oil on a salad. Its nutty and tasty. As long as you have some good olive oil, you re golden. Just drizzle it on different things. I didnt udderstand people dipping bread in olive oil until I tried some good oils.

I have taken it shot style before, but is can taste like ass, I stick with flax or Udos if Im doin shots.

Frontline 04-05-2005 11:38 AM


I had a gyro and Salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for todays lunch, sorry if I make u drool.
Don't ever mention gyros around me when I'm cutting... thats almost cruel. I swear one day when I'm bulking again I'm going to invest in a gyro log and stand and just shave some off everytime I walk bye. Gryo Diet v1.0 :eek:

apocalypse 04-05-2005 04:11 PM

Gyro Gyro Gyro Gyro to the millionth power. You are the admin, ban me :D :D :D

GuardDog 04-05-2005 06:13 PM

Mixed the oil/vinegar in my salad today and it was awesome. I let the Mrs try it and she liked it too. She liked it so much that she mixed oil/vinegar and put it on our baked fish. It too was awesome. I think our next step is to try the different oils/vinegar you guys mentioned and mix in some seasoning with it. Overall it was much better than doing a shot of it. LOL

DavzJenn 04-05-2005 07:14 PM

I use olive oil/vinegar chopped garlic,and basil as my salad dressing.Its quite tasty...

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