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DragginByU 08-12-2012 02:08 PM

P90X Question.
Hello all,
Hope the summer is treating you all well. I'm back for another quick question for those who might be in the middle of or who have completed P90X. Looks like a great program but I do have one issue I am uncertain with. I am using the portion plan and I am not sure if when they mean "1 cup of leafy greens" Do they mean a cup as in being used by measuring cup or do they mean being measured as in 8 oz? Any help is greatly, as always, appreciated! Thanks!

irondog19 08-12-2012 04:31 PM

I've done p90x three times in the past... When I followed the nutrition plan the first two times (did something different the 3rd) I just used a cup measurement. It didn't really specify that, but thats what I followed both times and had good results.
It's a great program for beginners who are looking for some structure and get use to various basic body weight and free weight exercises. However, just keep in mind that you're looking at losing weight more than building muscle mass. Don't get me wrong, you'll gain/tone some muscle weight, but p90x's main goal is weight loss.
Good luck, have fun with it!

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