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Protein Rich Foods List

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Old 09-09-2005, 10:28 AM
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Default Protein Rich Foods List

I think it would be very helpful to create a list of protein rich foods as there are many who keep asking for such foods. This week I went grocery shopping with one thing on my mind. Protein! This is what I came up with. The amount of protein is based on a typical serving, though I know our servings aren't going to be typical. Hell, I eat 3 kosher beef hot dogs at a meal, who eats just one? I also used 6g per serving as the cut off point and ignored fat & sodium content. I didn't pickup foods I don't like or don't eat.

Food----------------------------------Typical Serving-------------Protein

Vegetarian Baked Beans-----------------1/2 Cup-------------------6g
Tuna------------------------------------2 oz---------------------13g
Salmon----------------------------------1/4 Cup------------------12g
Peanuts & PButer---------------------1/4 cup/2 tsp----------------8g
Chicken----------------------------------3 oz---------------------28g
Beef Jerky-------------------------------1 oz----------------------10g
Eggs (Chicken)---------------------------1 med--------------------6g
Fish (Canadian White)--------------------1 filet---------------------9g
Turkey Breast--------------------------1 thin slice------------------8g
Eye of Round Steak----------------------6 oz----------------------49g
London Broil------------------------------3 oz---------------------32g
Hot Dogs (Beef/Kosher)-------------------1 dog---------------------6g
Parmesan Cheese (grated)----------------0.5 oz--------------------20g
Cottage Cheese (regular)-----------------1/2 cup-------------------15g
Hummus---------------------------------1/2 cup-------------------15g
Milk (whole)------------------------------8 fl oz--------------------8g
Ground Chuck----------------------------4 oz----------------------20g
Swiss Cheese*---------------------------1 oz-----------------------8g

For comparison the USDA recomendation is 50g of protien a day. You should easily get way past that.

BTW don't forget to eat other foods, like vegetables, too so that you get enough vitamins and minerals

*--The good deli kind not that prepackaged sliced Kraft crap (that junk only has 2g per slice!)

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excellent idea
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