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_Wolf_ 08-25-2007 11:55 PM

Some stuff which i learnt
i am a pretty active member over at DC's site and i was reading some threads and i came across this one which caught my attention. some of the posts made by the big guys made a lot of sense to someone like me. im trying to increase my weight. my bodyweight from 6th grade to 12th grade was 160 lbs. actually it was 70 kgs which makes it 155 lbs but im guessing i was a little over at the time. in the last 2-3 years ive increased my weight to 185 solid. its not much but im trying my very best to reach 200.

so, back to topic: some of the posts in this thread made a lot of sense to me and showed me how i could improve my diet.


Originally Posted by btech (Post 427034)
"Just eat copious amounts of food (up to 500-600 grams of protein) and bring your bodyweight up the charts which will allow you leverage and strength gains to allow you use the incredible weights you have to use in the gym to accomplish this. Then after being at that level for density reasons for awhile, you can slowly take it down and I mean slowly and most likely have the most muscle mass gain your genetics allowed in that time frame."

So I am aware that, when gaining weight and gaining new muscle, it is important to hold that weight for awhile for the muscle to (for lack of a better word) fully solidify, am I right?

I am interested in hearing someone talk more about this (I am searching the net, not coming up with the good stuff).

However, I have came across something where D Palumbo states that, when gaining weight, when you have that period where your weight stops going up, it's actually a process where your body is under a process where your gains are becoming "permanant", and then you'll be able to start gaining more again.

a very experienced DC Trainee called Brian replied to this:


Originally Posted by BrianB2368 (Post 427267)
I remember reading about Dave Smith (someone who D has been training recently) and wants Dave to get to a certain bodyweight and stay there for a while so that muscle ends up being his.
it seems like people try to gain a lot of weight and then lose a lot of weight right away. I dont want to call it bulking and cutting but I will -- they bulk for 6 months strait and just eat and eat and eat and get their bf up to 20% and then all of a sudden they realize they went out of control and they are fat and need to drop some bf asap. so they start cutting right away and dont really eaze into the diet and go from doing zero cardio and 5+ cheat meals a week and eating as many grams of carbs from whatever sources they want to doing cardio 5x a week and eating 200g of carbs a day. go ahead and say goodbye to all the muscle you thought you had if you are gonna do that.
edit -- found the thread

the big dogg replied to that


Originally Posted by Doggcrapp (Post 427368)
stay at a certain bodyweight mass for 4 plus months? It will be viable usable dense muscle mass that is yours and not a facade lost in the dieting process.....

eat up to a certain bodyweight mass and Boom instantly go into diet mode? Seeya--youll be losing weight at probably a 50/50 to 80/20 fat to muscle mass ratio---kiss that hardearned muscle mass you thought "was yours" goodbye---you didnt punch the density time clock.

a few posts down...


Originally Posted by Doggcrapp (Post 427469)
Who the heck said anything about "fatness"?

If you are going into "fatness" your sure as heck arent doing anything Ive recommended correctly.

Im talking about keeping dense muscle mass on you in the dieting process. If someone goes from 200 to 220 fairly quickly and all of a sudden goes into extreme dieting mode right when he gets there....he is going to be losing bodyfat and "that percieved new muscle mass he thought was his" very quickly...and im guesstimating (and only guesstimating) that the NEW weight gain would come off somewhere in a 50/50 to 80/20 ratio (somewhere thereabouts)

Now that same guy goes up to 220lbs and holds it for half a year, trust me that muscle mass is his and unless he is an idiot and diets incorrectly he is going to be keeping that hard earned muscle mass during the prep/diet process....

another big boy:


Originally Posted by MsteveM (Post 427697)
it's unlikely for someone to keep their newly gained muscle mass while fighting homeostasis in order to keep it while going on a diet-frenzy.

by 'holding onto it', the body will recognize it as something more permanent (increasing with time), meaning it will gradually readjust its point of homeostasis to accommodate the new mass. remember that the human body does not want mass that it 'perceives' as unnecessary, simply because of the increased energy requirement and decreased energy efficiency (unless it is 'needed' move heavy objects or something and all the necessary nutrients are there to support it).

to expand it a little: When is the last time you went on a diet and lost muscle that you gained 2 years ago?

the main post i wanted to refer to which really made a lot of sense to me:


Originally Posted by SuperD (Post 427826)
Haven't you guys all observed with your bodies or with others that every time you get to a new level of size (weight) initially you kinda look like shit. Watery and bloated... But over time as your body gets accustomed to that new level the quality seems to improve. Call it maintaining homeostatis if you wish.
All were saying is the longer you're able to stay at that level to 'solidify' those gains the better off you'll be when the dieting commences.
And here's something else that I have personally observed.

When you're dieting and if you come down too quickly the muscle you seem to lose is the last muscle that you put on.

Did I explain that OK?

Hope so....

What I am saying is that those bodyparts that you've been working so hard to bring up...If you don't give them a little time...Let the glue set so to speak before brining it down leannesswise.

ive found from personal experience that this is very true for me. initially when i gain weight i tend to look really fat. but then as i stay at that weight for a while, things begin to look better. i can think of this happening quite a few times but i went from 165 to 185 from last year fall semester to now. mostly atleast. when i did dc training in fall last year i went up to 180 lbs. and i looked very fat. then in spring i did the texas method. i was stuck at 180 lbs throughout the 16 weeks that i ran the program. but i looked much better than i did on dc training. not necessarily because of the training regiment but because i was able to hold that wieght. my arms went from 14 (they were 14 at 180) to 15 easy and i looked much more built. then this summer i added 5 more lbs to my frame in the first 4 weeks and ive been holding this for 10+ weeks now and my physique only seems to be getting better.

im just sharing this info :) i find it very informative and thought provoking because it could also be applied to fat loss if i use it correctly.

triqqey 08-26-2007 07:32 AM

good post Sentinel :biggthumpup:

_Wolf_ 08-26-2007 07:35 AM

thanks triggey

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