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pimpsticky 12-22-2008 09:59 AM

To hell with frozen seafood!!!!!
Until recently, I've been buying my seafood from the frozen section because it's typically cheaperl. And besides; most of the non-frozen seafood in the seafood dept of the grocer is the same as what's in the freezer, they just thawed it and put it out on display.

Well here's what I found. If I buy, say frozen salmon filets, when I thaw them out and open the bag they were frozen in, I'm amazed how much water pours out of the bag. That's water that I payed $6/per pound for:wtf:

So, I'm buying non-frozen seafood from now on.

Also, something else I noticed. If I'm at a quality fish-monger... and I buy fish, shrimp, etc that is fresh and never frozen, when I cook it... it pretty much stays the same size as pre-cooked.

However, every time I cook that frozen shit... it always shrivels up by at least a third. I'm convinced that the packaging companies not only add water during the freezing process, but they have some magical way to impregnate the seafood with more water. Sure, the prepackaged, frozen shit is cheaper... but when it shrivels up 3 times as much as the fresh... is it really saving me money?

Need proof? Buy a package of pre-cooked, peeled shrimp with the tails on. Also buy a package of un-cooked, un-peeled shrimp. Now cook the raw shrimp and and taste test them, with the pre-cooked.

The pre-cooked shrimp are spongy in texture... and if you squeeze one, you'll be amazed how much water squishes out of it. WTF? The fresh shrimp doesn't do this.

Just another example of how we, as the consumer, get screwed!

Pitysister 12-22-2008 10:10 AM

i get a 5 pound box of frozen salmon filets...and while they thaw they don't let out a whole lot of water...and i always weigh them after they thaw...but mine don't shrink as i bake them...

EricT 12-23-2008 11:05 AM

Yeah your just not getting the right brands or something, pimps. Nowadays a lot of the frozen stuff is "flash frozen" right on the boat..individually. Honestly, if I had to deal with fresh stuff all the time I just wouldn't eat a lot of seafood.

You can get some pretty good stuff at places like BJ's including already seasoned stuff ready to just cook. Also Trader Joes has some good frozen seafood...I used to get these salmon and tuna "burgers" from there..made fantastic sandwhiches.

I just bought some frozen salmon fillets and some tilapia from bj's again today.

There's other sources. Sounds like you just had some bad luck.

But you are absolutely right about the seafood at the grocery has been thawed from frozen. BUT, since that is the case, if your grocery store carries decent frozen are better off with them. Fish that has been frozen and kept frozen until you cook it is going to be better than something frozen and then thawed before you buy it. That is..if it's not the kind of crap it sounds like you've had the bad luck to encounter.

Having said all that...if you can go and get good fresh stuff from a good monger, then that's great.

Ross86 12-23-2008 01:43 PM

pimpsticky, your description of the pre-cooked shrimp is how I would describe overcooked shrimp.

I agree with Eric for the most part. I buy EZ-peel shrimp for 4.99/lb every week and it has been thawed. I never really reasoned it out that way before...I'm probably going to start buying the frozen stuff instead since they've both been frozen anyway.

There is always a "fresh catch" and if it's reasonably priced & suits my palate, then I'll buy that too. Certain fishes seem to hold up better than others during the freezing process.

I hate pre-seasoned stuff though! YUCK! :D

EricT 01-17-2009 04:23 PM

Wow, I just came upon a blog post that reminded me of this thread and it happens to be about the very same thing Ross said

Exept for the parasite part but that is interesting as well.

I just ate some pre-seasoned Tilapia last night. It was good. Not great. But, honestly, I'm just too lazy becasue although I like fish, I am not a big fish it it wasn't prepared for me I wouldn't eat it very often. Except I will fry up a mess of catfish in a heartbeat.

Doo 01-18-2009 07:12 AM

I get my salmon from Sam's Club. It is thawed but I have no problems with excess moisture. I do get chicken breasts frozen from Sam's. The thawed salmon makes for a quick meal broiled in a toaster oven. The chicken breasts do take a little longer because I thaw them in the toaster oven. Don't like using microwave for meat.

I did have the same experience as pimpsticky with regards to ground beef bought at grocery store..even leaner versions. Fry it and you end up with lots of grease that is floating on water. For the past 10 years or more, I get my beef directly from a cattle farmer. No hormones. I get it prepared the way I want. Virtually no grease when frying the ground beef. It's is not grass fed though.

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