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Mrpenut27 11-24-2008 06:38 AM

Weight Cutting Diet Critic
meal 1. original oatmeal. 24g whey. 1 banana.

Mrpenut27 11-24-2008 06:43 AM

meal 2. two wheat bread. 3 eggs. 1cup brocolli. 24g whey.
meal 3. two bananas. 24g whey. 6oz chicken breast. salad containing - romanian lettuce, brocolli, cauliflower,cucumber,tomatos,olives. 2tspn of olive oil for dressing.
meal 4. 6 oz. lean steak. same salad bowl as above.
meal 5. 3 tangerines. 1 banana. cashew nuts. 1table spoon natural peanut butter
meal 6. 22g of casein.
lights out.

Mrpenut27 11-24-2008 06:54 AM

Im 5'9 210lbs. with 15%bf
my goal is 183-185 with single digit bf.
Looking to hit this goal by march.
Possible? or do I need to change something?

Pitysister 11-24-2008 07:25 AM

meal 5 needs a protein. lots of whey in there.....

make sure to get a variety of vegetables....check out some beans for something with a good deal more fiber.

TALO 11-24-2008 07:29 AM

Lots of whey , but it's good that your taking it with whole food.

Do you know how many calories all that is ?

Mrpenut27 11-24-2008 05:28 PM

yea sorry bout that. Calories come out to approximately 2,342. Protein comes out to about 250-260. Carbs comes out to about 200 give or take.
Meal 2 is my pre-wo meal.
meal 3 is post wo meal.
meal 4 is again my pre-wo meal. Im sorry but the whey in Meal 3. should be in Meal 5.

I box in the moring Mon-Fri in the morning.
I hit the gym tues.thur.sat. at night after work.

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