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john917v 05-20-2009 08:59 AM

Climbing up the (work) ladder
As many of you know, I am a doorman/bouncer at a (topless) men's club. The job is great, and the pay is more than what I expected. But, I want to move up some. We have 2 other doormen, but I work the most hours, am the largest, and the most muscular (thanks,!!!!) have experience as a security manager, and nearly have my associates degree. We currently don't have a security/safety manager, but I want to be it. I kind of grew into the position at the previous job, but don't want to get beat to it at this job. I've been working here for 7 months. How do you guys recommend I go about asking for the promotion? Also, I managed at a nightclub, so it was a different environment from a men's club. What should I offer?

A big question, I know, but any advice will be greatly appreciated.

iron_worker 08-11-2009 04:47 PM

I'd say you need to figure out why they *need* you to be the security manager now since they don't have that position and its working out so far. How would they benefit? What can you bring to the table?

Let me them know exactly what services you'll be providing and why they can't live without you.


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