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Dave876 04-25-2005 10:59 AM

? for Smokey bear
I would PM this,but feel it could be helpful for anyone....Long story short at my condo there is a nice lake with a trail for people to walk...Well recenty a girl was raped an robbed while walking(note I live in an upscale town,but shit happens I guess)..Anyway my girl Jenn walks this lake a few times/week and of course I will not let her go alone now.....Ok so I have been talking to a buddy of mine from these very forums about getting a fire arm....Heres the real deal Smokey I hear that it is pretty much better from a lagal stand point to shot to kill,and not just disable the scumbag.Does this hold water?...I also know the girls b/f because we live close and the 2 of us are looking into taking classes and getting guns(I feel so bad for this dude!)...Anyway I am a very protective persn and the kind of guy that even if I was walking the lake with Jenn and happened to look over and see a girl getting raped I shoot the mofo without even thinking about it!

Sorry this was so long but I wanted to explain it all and hoping to get some feedback from my 1 cop buddy.....

mojoclemson 04-25-2005 11:04 AM

Can't frickin stand those people. Put them away for life 1st offense in my mind. They are always the ones who commit the acts over and over again ever when they return to society. Such pathetic people.....

That's one of the many things I can't stand about our system

Dr X 04-25-2005 12:04 PM

You have to show inendt of bodily harm and you can't shoot them in the back if they are running from you. It really sux because it seems like the law favors the crooks.

Dr X 04-25-2005 12:13 PM

Actually, make sure she know how to use it because she can get it taken away and used on her. Other things would be good, like one of those screaming alarm devices she can carry and set off if attacked. Just the loud noise will make a bad guy run. Mace is good too.

ChinPieceDave667 04-25-2005 01:12 PM

I would get mace or a tazer before a gun.. that way if he gets tazed.. and he is incapacitated, you can rip is balls off.. I'd rather him go through life looking down and remembering why he is a scumbag..

apocalypse 04-25-2005 04:46 PM

Oh well Dave if someone try to rape Jenn, empty a whole catridge in to that mofo's head. Worry about the legal problems later.

Dave876 04-26-2005 09:59 AM

She as mace

Apoc only problem with emptying a clip theh worrying later is that Pretty Dave+prison=Dave raped constantly......From what I heear if you can make it look like self defense and you kill this scumbag then you're ok...

Again paging Smokey!

BigEasy 04-26-2005 10:55 AM

Although the laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, most say that there has to be a percieved imminent threat of bodily harm to use deadly force, i.e. fear for your life. If you do buy a firearm, make sure that you both learn to use it and become proficient with it. How you TRAIN is how you will REACT, should something (God Forbid)happen to either of you.
If a firearm is not the answer for you, mace, folding knife, martial arts might be an option. Hope this helps.

Darkhorse 04-26-2005 07:43 PM

If you are going to get a firearm, you should look into applying for a concealed to carry permit. You live in Jersey so it might not be easy. But at least if you had it you will have a good explanation for the cops after you shoot to kill. If you just shot him the first thing I assume they'll look into is why you were carrying your 417. It isn't Marine Corps rules, but the only reason to draw is to use deadly force. Plus, when you're in the heat of the moment, you will lose your mechanical skills due to your increased heart rate. Alot of police officers involved in a close encounter shooting usually don't remember much (ie how many bullets were fired or the fact that they got shot) Trust me, you won't be thinking of just shooting a limb or warning shot. Granted, my experience is from combat in Iraq, but I'm sure it's about the same.

sdf42450 04-26-2005 07:45 PM

it would take something serious to bring me to the point of shooting someone. and i hope i never am put in the position, but if i were to come upon something like that taking place or to be attacked knowing that there is someon in my neighborhood that has already committed such a violent crime i would have no problem putting a few rounds of hot lead into his carcus. IMO, "my word vs some dead mofo" is better than "my word vs his word". if im gonna be put in a situation where i have to shoot someone, i will shoot to kill. make sure you EMPTY the magazine into his ass. (its a sign that you were totally freaking out and just unloaded by instinct... vs a couple well placed shots that just subdued the attack and the mofo gets to live another day)

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