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john917v 12-06-2008 11:48 AM

Life gets in the way...(life lesson)
When people ask me what I do in my spare time, I don't say "go lift weights". It's part of my life. If I wake up that Mon/Wed/Fri every week, I'm lifting weights that day, you dig?

With that in mind, my friend asks me if I'm going to her B-day party on Friday (squat focus day). This is my asst best friend, BTW. She says it'll be at her house, (which is on farm property,) I say sure.

Well, I get there and they're gathering materials for a bonfire, and later that night, after the shaving cream fight, the fire starts to die down. we go to the wood pile, and I see this big oak tree trunk, about 4 feet long, and about 2 feet in diameter. I also see a 20-ft (+-6 meter) chain with hooks. The trunk weighs about 150 lbs, and had a limb that was cut off, leaving a sharp little stump sticking out the side.

Seeing this, (and seeing that there was a PWO meal-chicken) I get the chain around the log, wrap it around my waist, and get to pumping. The cut-off limb digs into the ground like a plow, adding resistance. I pull this about 200-250 feet to the bonfire, and two other guys toss it on the fire.

After, I had some chicken, to serve as a PWO meal. Not ideal for PWO, but it's still protein.

It just goes to show you that if you've got the BBing spirit/mentality, you can live life and still complete your training, in some way or another.

Thoughts/similar experiences?

pimpsticky 12-07-2008 06:50 AM

Not quite the same... but you made me think of this...
Back in high school (1989), I knew someone that drove a 1986 Chevy Sprint. If you're not familiar, think of a Ford Festiva. If you're still not familiar... it's a front wheel drive, 3-cyl tiny fucking midget car.

I used to fuck with my buddy between classes by going out to the parking lot and picking up the rear end of his car and moving it over into the next parking spot/next car, whatever he was near. When I was done, it looked like his car was parked by a drunk blind man. Sometimes, I'd get his car so wedged in that he couldn't get out. He'd get pissed, but it was funny.

Also, when people saw me go behind a car and "Squat" the car up and move it with my bare hands... they thought I was freakin Superman. Little did they know that since it was such a small car, and front-wheel drive to boot, it wasn't hard to lift.

This feat got me plenty of ass in highschool.....:biglaugh:

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