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victus88 01-11-2013 11:43 AM

New exercises for ABS
Hi Guys

I`m new on bodybuilding forum but few years ago I designed few exercises for ABS.Now I want to share this information because I need to know how my exercises works for everybody and if anyone heard of similar exercises.

Below one of my exercises for Upper part of ABS

"Lie down with your knees bent, as in case of classical sit-up exercises.Lift your trunk as close to your legs, as possible, meanwhile laying your head on your hand, and maintain this position as long, as you can. When you run out of steam, repeat this exercise twice more. You may wonder, why your abdominal muscles grow tired so quickly after such a simple exercise? Let me explain. Quick tiredness of muscles is due to constant muscle tension. A visible effect of abdominal muscles tension is reddening of skin and sweaty stomach."

Even if you guys say "this is wack" etc please go for it :weighlift:

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