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George Cooke 07-09-2012 08:56 AM

Protein Supplements Are Dangerous
Supplements such as whey protein and casein are worse than useless. No supplement will help you gain a single gram of muscle. The only people on earth who are protein deficient are people who are literally starving. They are also deficient in fats and carbohydrates. Hair is made of protein. Will eating steak make your hair grow faster?

Whey protein and casein are animal proteins, both derived from cow's milk. It takes much more stomach acid to digest animal protein than plant protein. Some of this acid makes its way into your bloodstream and leaches calcium from your bones, making them weaker. In extreme cases it can lead to osteoporosis, where the bones have holes like sponges where the calcium used to be. The people with the most osteoporosis on earth are Eskimos, because of all that fish they eat. Some of them refer to outsiders as green eaters.

Go to and type in food that kills full documentary. Be sure to use the whole title, because there are other videos with similar titles that are just a bunch of jokers pigging out on the opposite of health food.

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