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_Wolf_ 02-13-2008 04:15 PM

Squat Day
Cycle 6

Overall Impression:
my hammies and glutes were sore today...i dunno why....perhaps from all the GHR's i did last time? who anyways, this was a kinda weird workout session.

oh, and i have upped my protein intake to 350 grams minimum...i just realized yesterday that for last 10 days ive just been having 250 grams or something...thats bad. so anyways, small improvement here...
The Workout:
- 275 lbs x 2 reps x 1 set
- 225 lbs x 5 reps x 3 sets
- 185 lbs x 10 reps x 2 sets
- 135 lbs x 3 reps x 3 sets
something was just off not doing this the way i used to popping out of the hole really fast but then im struggling around midpoint. so here's the plan: im not gonna do something this crazy took me over 40 minutes just to complete the squat part of this workout. come next workout onwards, i am going to be doing 3x5 and then 2 sets of whatever i want. i will start out 3x5 with 225 and build from there by adding 5 lbs per session. but no more reverse ends up being a whole lot of work which isnt really what i need right now. after i do the 3x5 workout, ill do 2-3 sets of high reps.

Unilateral Romanian Deadlifts
- 45 lbs x 7 reps x 2 sets

Regular Romanian Deadlifts
- 135 lbs x 10 reps x 1 set

Ab Work
- Hanging Leg Raises = BW x 12 reps x 2 sets

Shoulder Prehab Work
- Shoulder Protractions

_Wolf_ 02-14-2008 10:46 PM

Bench Press Day
Cycle 6

Overall Impression:
tomorrow is friday!!! :D hahahha...

i hate the bench press...
The Workout:
Bench Press
- speed-strength work @ 80% of 1RM with 165 lbs x 2 reps x 6 sets
reps were pretty slow and sluggish....but it was pretty easy...i didnt do any top sets because i really didnt want lazy...

- 9 reps + 7 reps + 6 reps = 22 reps (+2 reps from last time)
felt alright...

Skull Crushers and Bent Arm Pull-overs Superset
- 50 lbs x 5 reps x 3 sets and 50 lbs x 5 reps x 5 sets respectively
slow tempo overall. heavy focus on negatives for the bent arm pull-overs. it was a good workout.

Shoulder Prehab Work
i worked on a LOT of stuff today...i dunno why but i slept last night in a weird position and my shoulders were feeling a little weird i did a whole bunch of theraband work, internal plus external rotations, facepulls (very light) and i did a LOT of protractions...the push-up plus and the dumbbell press - plus. i feel better now :)

EricT 02-15-2008 04:28 PM


i am going to be doing 3x5 and then 2 sets of whatever i want. i will start out 3x5 with 225 and build from there by adding 5 lbs per session. but no more reverse ends up being a whole lot of work which isnt really what i need right now. after i do the 3x5 workout, ill do 2-3 sets of high reps.
Why are you so intent on adding extra volume to the squat workouts right now?

_Wolf_ 02-15-2008 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by Eric3237 (Post 48678)
Why are you so intent on adding extra volume to the squat workouts right now?

i dunno :(

i wont add volume then

EricT 02-16-2008 12:02 PM

Well, you just have to think, if you have so many parmeters to work with with your main sets, why arbitrarily drop the weight just to do bunch of reps. If you were doing some doubles or something then it would make sense to come back and tack on a bit of volume. But if you are to do 3x5 then you have a bunch more effective choices to improve for the time-being as you well know. You could add reps, sets, decrease rest periods....

Another thing if you have it in you mind to have low reps followed by volume gathering sets you could work up the 3x5 to say 3x8. Then tack 10 to 20 pounds (you have to judge) on your working weight for a series of doubles (maybe 4) and then try to hit the same 3x8 again or even improve on it. This is a favorite thing of mine to do. It works better on some things than others. Proper rest periods.

Say you're doing 225 for 3x5. You work that up to 3x8. Then next you put on 245 and hit 4 doubles with GOOD rest periods. The finish with 225 for 3x8. If you get a good potentiation effect you may be able to add even more reps or even add another 5 pounds to the same reps. The fact that the added weight is still submaximal with good fatigue management makes it very manageable but you get the advantage of simply lifting heaveir stuff, which is something people discount with the whole repeated effort being the be all and end all mentality.

_Wolf_ 02-16-2008 02:32 PM

ahhh...i see, sir. i understand what you mean. but for now, ill do 3x5 and keep adding 5lbs a week. i want to reach 250-260 for 3x5...then ill do what you suggested. is that ok, sir?

EricT 02-16-2008 02:35 PM

Of course. Simple and direct is always better when it can be done. The above was just a way to satisfy you urge to lift heavier plus add volume without it just being volume for volume's sake.

_Wolf_ 02-16-2008 02:48 PM

ok, sir :)

_Wolf_ 02-17-2008 03:03 PM

Deadlift Day
Cycle 7

Overall Impression:
decent workout i guess
The Workout:
- 270 lbs x 5 reps x 2 sets
hopefully this is the last back off day

Bulgarian Squats
- 50 lbs x 6 reps x 2 sets

Glute Ham Raises
- BW x 10 reps x 3 sets

Ab Work
- Hanging Leg Raises = BW x 15 reps x 2 sets
- Front Plate Squats = 25 lbs x 10 reps x 2 sets
After all of my ab work i tried doing this ab exercises which is like the hanging leg raises but im supposed to raise myself perpendicular to the floor and then do pistons lol

Grip Work
- Pinch Grip Holds
- Static Holds
- Hammer Curls 40 lbs x 5 reps x 1 set

_Wolf_ 02-18-2008 06:30 PM

Military Press Day
Cycle 7

Overall Impression:
i have the worst week ahead of me...3 exams plus 1 paper and i havent done anything lol (well, i studied for today's exam but thats it)... i went into the gym today feeling like i didnt want to workout.
The Workout:
Standing Barbell Military Press
- bar x 5 reps x 2 sets
- 95 lbs x 5 reps
- 135 lbs x 1 rep
- 145 lbs x 1 rep
- 160 lbs x 0 = fail
- 160 lbs x 1 rep (took a 4 minute break)
- 145 lbs x 2 reps x 4 sets
- 145 lbs x 1 rep x 1 set
A lot of mixed emotions about this workout.
1.) compared to last workout i warmed up a lot less. perhaps this wasnt such a hot idea. next time ill warm up a little more than i did today but perhaps not as much as last time.
2.) i failed on 160 the first time. i have no idea why. i could've and should've nailed it but i got stuck mid way and i just collapsed. so i took a 4 minute rest (as opposed to 3 minutes prior to 160) and tried again and i managed to get it this time. but it was pretty sluggish and slow.
3.) the first set of 145 (double) was done after a 2 minute rest. it flew up easy. for the first 4 sets i rested 2.5 minutes atleast and i found that my second reps were a lot easier for some reason compared to the first ones.
4.) i prepared for my last double by resting for 4 minutes. maybe this was a bad idea. i got the first rep real easy and then i just couldnt do the second. i didnt want to rest and come at it again so i just called it quits.
5.) ive realized that i need to hold the bar at this point where my elbows naturally come ahead of the bar and no matter the weight of the bar it feels like air to me. i got this point when i did 160 the second time and i actually had this point the entire workout last time. im upset i couldnt get that groove spot back this workout. i only got it on the 160 second attempt and the 145 doubles till set 4. set 4 i sluggishly moved the weight up and set 5 i just couldnt budge that weight the second time. im going to try and find this spot again next time.
6.) im pretty happy that i was able to get the 160 the second time. i felt so sad after the first miss i think it gave me time to recollect myself and organize my thoughts and nail it the second time. next week the goal is to get 160x1 and then 145 for triples. lets see.

EDT Training for Time Block = 15 minutes
- Flat Dumbbell Press @ 60 lbs = 8 + 8 + 8 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 42 reps total (-14 reps from last time and +10 lbs)
- Dumbbell Rows @ 70 lbs = 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 48 reps total (- 12 reps from last time and +10 lbs)
a pretty large drop in reps but with the added weight i think its expected. next time ill try to increase the overall total reppage.

- 70 lbs x 10 reps
- 90 lbs x 8 reps
- 100 lbs x 6 reps
did these standing.

Ab Work
skipped :(

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