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williamIV 11-01-2010 06:53 PM

I've ran into the opportunity to log Applied Nutriceuticals FreeTest recently and I'm pumped to get started. I will be taking 4 caps a day every morning for fitty days.

My overall goal for this natty cycle is a full body recomp, diet will be about a hundred cals over maintenance because I'm worried about losing hard-earned weight. Training will be the same as I've been doing lately thats yielded some decent gains
Sunday - Shoulders, traps, biceps, calves
Monday - Quads, abs, forarms
Wednesday - Chest, triceps, calves
Thursday - Back, hamstrings, abs, forarms
will do some cardio on off days also.

First dose was today with breakfast, no upset stomach at all which is nice because my stomach can turn ugly real quick. Had one of the best lifts in a while, did my sunday workout because im a day behind this week.
barbell military press -110x15x4
db front raise -20x15x3
db side raise -15x15x3
db overhead press -50x15x3
machine rev flye -120x15x4
behind the back shrug -135x15x3
incline db curl-30x15x4
bb curl -45x15x4
machine preacher 40x15x4
seated calf raise 80x15x4\
standing calf raise 135x15x4

i know my lifts seem weak but im focusing a lot on time under tension and higher reps than im used too.

nothing else to report as of yet, ill get stats up real soon

williamIV 11-04-2010 09:50 AM

i havent had any time as of late to take measurements but ill do that as soon as i get some time.
Some basic stats are:
height - 5'9'' goal - 6'3"
weight - 177 goal - 180
bf % - 13 goal - 10% or less

last couple days at the gym have been pretty solid. at 3 days in im not contributing to much to freetest quite yet besides some placebo effects.

day 2-
hit quads and abs
elliptical for 25 minutes
squats 225x15x4
leg ext 105x15x4
leg press 8 platesx15x4

day 3-
incline db press 65x15x4
incline db flye 40x15x4
smith bench 135x15x4
machine flye 100x15x4
rope pulldowns 80x15x4
skulls 50x15x4
bench dips bwx15x4
cable crossovers super setted with pushups to end it.

not much else to say this early but i have been in a better mood as of late which is always solid.

williamIV 11-07-2010 04:50 PM

havent been able to update for a few days but being a week in, you didnt miss too much!

day 4 was back hams and abs
lat pulldowns 140x15x4
bb row 155x15x4
db row 75x15x3
straight arm pulldowns 3x15
leg curl 105x15x4
also typically deadlift but wasnt feeling it that day

day 5 and 6 were rest days, some light bed cardio though

day 7
hit shoulders and bi's at my buddies gym
db shoulder press 55x15x3
front raise 20x15x3
side raise 20x15x3
bb military 95x15 110x15 115x15 135x8
behind the back shrugs 175x15x4
21's 4x21
concentration curls 3x15
preacher db curls 15x3
played some b-ball afterwards too

so one week in i must say i've noticed that i've leaned up in the midsection which is where is store most of my fat. so thats solid. i've been in a good mood almost all the time too but can get aggrivated quickly lol.

my buddy is also noticing the same effects but he is 2 weeks in stacking with hgh up.

weight is staying at 177-178 in the morning, fat is decreasing. so far, so good!

jetsetter 11-09-2010 11:00 AM

I'm glad to see somebody review this. I had wanted to try it for awhile but I'm limited on funds. Where do you normally purchase Free Test? From what I see the vitamin shoppe has the best deal.

williamIV 11-10-2010 06:32 PM

Day 8
hit quads and abs
was a solid workout, same lifts as last week

Day 9
day off

Day 10
incline db bench 65x15x3
db bench 60x15x3
decline db bench 55x15x3
db flye 40x15x3
cable crossovers supersetted w push ups 3 sets
rope pulldowns 4x15
cg smith bench 4x15
skulls 4x15
one arm pulldowns supersets 3xss

so a week and a half in i can start to see and notice some effects. i have a lot more energy throughout the day without the need for caffiene as much. my mid-section is really leaning up i'm guesssing because of freetests effects on cortisol levels. also very eager to get into the gym!

weighed in at 178 again this morning, after the 2 week mark ill take bf% measurements and see where im at. mirror recomp seems to be going great though!!

williamIV 11-10-2010 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by jetsetter (Post 88040)
I'm glad to see somebody review this. I had wanted to try it for awhile but I'm limited on funds. Where do you normally purchase Free Test? From what I see the vitamin shoppe has the best deal.

definetly the best retail price

williamIV 11-11-2010 08:26 PM

day 11

was so focused in the gym today it was sick. not stop agression and progression, and less time between sets. had dysfunction by tech nine on repeat for some reason that song sounded awesome today.

one of the biggest factors i feel is that i watched how to train your dragon pre-workout. yeahh buddddaaayyyy.

todays lifts:
bb row 135x20,155x15,175x15,185x12
t-bar row in the corner 3 platesX12x3
lat pulldown behind the head 80x12x2
lat pulldown 110x12x2
cable row ?x15x4
cable reverse flye ?x15x3
21's 21x3
cable preacher supersets 4 sets
jesus curls... 4 sets

i must say workouts are getting better and better!! i'm getting a lot better muscle contraction and pump, and havent been as sore as usual.

diet is staying pretty clean and right above or at my maintenence. next 2 days are off as far as lifting but might hit some cardio, abs, calves and extra bed cardio

williamIV 11-14-2010 06:34 PM

day 12 and 13
both off day took the extra time to rest and make solid meals

day 14 - shoulders, bi's, tri's
db shoulder press 55x15x3
db front raise 20x15x3
cable lat raise crossovers 20x15x3
bb military press 95x15x3
reverse cable flyes low 20x15x3
reverse cable flye high 20x20x1
21's 4 sets
1 arm cable preacher curl 3 sets
hammer curls 3 sets
jesus curls 3 sets
rope pulldowns 4 sets
1 arm rev pulldowns 4 sets
db overhead extensions 4 sets

overall had an awesome workout. arms and shoulders were definetly pumped up a lot more than normal. was really squeezing each rep, and felt awesome.

i have been sweating a lot more than normal too and my facial hair is growing faster and thicker than usual. my libido is about the same as it was when i started maybe a little higher.

my sleep is much better, i am waking up very well rested and earlier than usual. all around im liking freetest 2 weeks in

i started at 177lbs 2 weeks in im 178
was 13.8% bf now im 13.3%

so the recomp is coming together very slowly. in order to hit my goal i need to gain 6 more lbs of muscle and loose bf in 36 days.....

time to do work bro's

williamIV 11-20-2010 02:50 PM

day 15
i hit legs and cardio, my stamina for cardio is up and strength up a bit

Day 16 was off

day 17
solid chest and tricep day
incline db press 65x15x3
db press 65x15x3
decline smith press
db flye
cable crossovers supersetted w pushups
rope pulldowns
cg smith press
reverse grip 1 arm pulldowns
bench dips

day 18
lat pulldown 140x15x3
bb row 185x15x4
tbar row in the corner 3 plates
cable row
preacher curl
db curl
jesus curls

today.. day 19 taking the day off might hit late night cardio

so far almost 3 weeks in im starting to notice some changes in body recomp and others...

positives so far:
increased intensity in the gym
decreased fat in my midsection
stamina is up
strength is slowly increasing - starting 8-10 rep ranges tomorrow
weight has stayed the same, bf has decreased
higher libido

oily skin
little backne

big list of pros vs small list of cons = solid product so far!

also switched up my diet to cut more fat, im now carb cycling like
wed and thurs - 300g
fri - 250
sat - 200
sun - 175
mon - 150
tues - 125
protein and fat are constant and 210 and 80 grams a day

williamIV 11-22-2010 08:13 PM

Day 21 i took an extra day off due to personal reasons. diet was spot on. felt great even with low carbs.

Day 22 caught up on shoulders. today was a low carb day 150 grams so i didnt have must energy besides some caffiene.
Standing bb military press 105x10x3
db overhead press 55x10x3 <this was very low and dissapointing today
db front raise 25x10x3
db side raise 25x10x3
reverse cable crossovers 25x10x4
shrugs 225x15x3

this last week since starting carb cycling i've dropped 3 pounds but im looking a lot better and feeling great besides being hungry all the time. tomorrow is my lowest carb day so it might be tough!! protein will be a bit higher tomorrow and ill be hittin quads, abs, and calves.

freetest is solid, actually feel great on this product and notice differences in multiple different things

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