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HIThopper 11-02-2011 11:59 AM

ME Squat Day

Damn good day today, squats were feeling strong, I worked up to a new PR of 175kg, I then did a bunch of singles clustered as back off sets, man clusters in knee wraps HURTS!!! I finished off with Flags and RDLs, damn good day, I’ll try not to be lazy and get vids up tonight.

ME Squat Day 31/10/11


1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1x1 160kg
1x1 175kg (PR)
3x1 155kg (Clustered 25 secs rest)
2x1 155kg (Clustered 25 secs rest)
1x1 160kg

Dragon Flags

3x8 +7.5kg


2x10 115kg

HIThopper 11-02-2011 11:59 AM

squat vid

HIThopper 11-02-2011 12:04 PM

ME Bench Day

I had a good day today, I used 119kg for sets of 3 cluster style. I rested about 30 secs between reps. DAMN 9 reps with 119kg was heavy!! but manageable. I felt very strong on the first few reps, I have not benched that much weight fresh in a very long time I have always taken it after volume pressing. I pressed against chains after then hit chins and delts/upperback. Good day.

ME bench Day 2/11/11

Paused Bench

3x1x3 119kg Clustered

Paused bench Vs Chains

3x4 99kg


1x5 +10kg
2x5 +21.25kg
1x10 + 3.75kg


2 sets

iron_worker 11-03-2011 11:34 AM

So I assume by 3x1x3 clusters you mean:

Doing 3 single reps with brief rest between each and then take a full rest after that. Repeat 3x.


What do you find the advantage of cluster sets is? Just to be able to get some decent volume with higher weight?


HIThopper 11-03-2011 12:08 PM

Correct Dub, and yeah pretty much right on. I knew 119kg for doubles was gonna be tough if not impossible right now so rather than try and possibley get a new2rm that looked like shit I did them clustered and although heavy all reps looked and felt great, make sense. Quality over quantity.

ME Squat Day

I squatted vs a small amount of chain today, it went pretty well. I worked up to 162.5kg on the bar for a top single, she was nice n heavy too LOL I then did back off sets for 3s. These were a bit light but ok to start from as I haven’t pushed triples with chains yet. I finished with GHRs. Solid day, apart from not wrapping my knees properly for the heavy sets that is!

ME Squat Day 3/11/11

Squat + Chains

1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1x1 160kg (hmm not quite a max yet)
1x1 162.5kg (Fark!! Yep that was my max today LOL)
1x3 135kg
1x3 137.5kg
1x2 140kg


3 sets

HIThopper 11-14-2011 04:43 PM

Deadlift Day

Pulls felt hard today, more awkward then heavy tho but I worked out that my stance was off and not wide enough to pull from my strongest position. I did singles with short rest periods cluster style up to about 190kg, this should be a good starting point to progress on. I finished the workout with GMs and planks, feeling pretty good.

Deadlift Day 4/11/11

Sumo Deadlift

4x1 185kg
4x1 190kg

GM Black and Red Bands

2 Sets


BW x 1 Min
+25x 45secs

ME Squat Day

I used the almighty SSB again today, shoulders and arms seem to have adapted to the workload but being how I bench on Sundays I like to keep em somewhat fresh. They take a pounding on squat days. Anyways straight weight today, no contrast. I worked up to around 130kg for doubles, I then hit a few singles with 135kg. I am getting much better at using this bar at max weights, it still folds me sometimes but nowhere near as bad as it used to, not even close LOL! I then pulled some deadlifts again to get some practice in, these felt much better, stance was out nice and wide, I felt strong. I finished with Reverse hypers for high reps. Damn good session.

ME Squat Day 5/11/11

SSB Squat

1x2 120kg
4x2 130kg
3x1 135kg

Sumo Deadlift

Lots of Singles and Triples Up To

2x1 180kg
2x1 190kg

Banded Rev Hypers

2-3x 15-20

ME Bench Day

Had a solid day today, I benched 120kg for 6 clustered singles, I could not get my leg drive right today tho, BAH I figured it out when I started benching against chains so I am good to go for Wednesday! I hit up 1 arm rows and pulldowns after bench work. Solid day, I have not benched 265 that many times in one week let alone one day before!

ME Bench Day 6/11/11

Paused Bench

1x1 x 6 Sets Clustered 25-30 secs between reps

Chain Bench

4x3 100kg

1 Arm Barbell Rows

2x10 35kg


2 Sets

ME Squat Day

A real stinker today, weird, all warm-ups felt good and I felt strong until I hit 3 wheels, then it felt like I had 4 wheels on the bar! LOL I took 150kg for a semi tough single, that’s when I knew it would not be a PR day so I took 157.5kg to feel the weight, mis grooved it and bam I dumped it. Reloaded to a measly 130kg and did 4 reps. I stopped squatting there. I will go at it with chains on Thursday and see how that goes. I pulled again afterwards (this is likely why today was shit, I have upped my deadlift work) and these went great, good bar speed and I felt strong. The body is funny like that, it didn’t want to squat but was all up for deadlifts! After that I hit abs and called it a day. I was so very tempted to go back in that night and squat but no need to go bananas yet since I added pulling volume I reckon I just need to adapt to that extra workload there. We will see.

ME Squat Day 7/11/11


1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1xM 157.5kg (WTF!!!!!!)
1x4 130kg

Sumo vs Doubled Minis

1x2 125kg
2x2 135kg
2x1 140kg

Dragon Flags

3x8 +8.75kg

HIThopper 11-14-2011 04:44 PM

ME Bench Day

Good day today, I benched a new PR of 125kg which I think is 275lbs for our slow American friends!! That was heavy but not horrible, I took a crack at 126.5kg after and missed midway. Next time. I had also already done 2 singles at 121kg. After the heavy stuff I have started a cluster run leading into the meet, I started with 2 plates 100kg which I felt like I could have repped all day with. I finished with 2 board presses paused no leg drive cos my back was cramping from all the benching, and then hit chins, took it easy on chins today, I was Fekd!

ME Bench Day 9/11/11

Paused Bench

1x1 107.5kg
2x1 121.5kg
1x1 125kg (PR)
1xM 126.5kg
3x2x2 100kg Clustered 25 secs between sets

2 Board Bench Paused No Leg drive

2x5 95kg


Up To 1x5 +15kg
1x10 +5kg

UpperBack/Delt Stuff

2 sets

ME Squat Day

I added more chain than usual today, chain makes everything heavy!! I worked up to 160kg + dem chains which was a good strong lift for me today, I then did quite a few backoff sets with 3 plates. Plan was to do more higher rep back offs after with no belt wraps etc but my hips and legs were fried. I might do em tonight after pulling. I finished with GHRs, will do more abs tonight. Strong day.

ME Squat Day 10/11/11

Squat + 3 Chains

1x1 140kg
1x1 150kg
1x1 160kg
5x2 140kg
1x1 145kg


1x8 BW
2x8 +5kg

I need to double my massage/SMR work for my hips and glutes. I know I am getting bound up again cos its taking more weight to hit depth, when I am tight I am very slow to hit depth and it costs me precious KGs if I am slow. Also want to do more beltless/wrapless squatting, not sure where to fit it in yet but have some ideas.

Deadlift Day

Tugged sumo today (as always!) and did clustered singles with between 187.5 and 192.5kg for about 8 reps. Felt a bit tired but got the work done, I messed with some swings and light abs after the pulls, then smashed a pizza and watched Ironman 2, yeah I am a bit behind on movies but it was ok. Solid day.

Deadlift Day 11/11/11

Sumo Deadlift

4x1 187.5kg
4x1 192.5kg
1x5 170kg


2x15 40kg


1 Set

ME Squat Day

Pretty darn good day today, I squatted with the demon bar and 2 chains up to a new PR of 3 plates. I then did back offs with about 120kg or so. Strong stuff on the squats I am getting a lot better with this nasty bar. I then pulled sumo vs 4 chains for doubles, with all this practice I noticed a slight technique change to my pull that made it feel MUCH better, also helped my lockout too. I was pretty tired after so I called it a day.

ME Squat Day 12/11/11

SSB Squat + 2 Chains

1x1 120kg
1x1 130kg
1x1 140kg (PR)
3x3 120kg
2x1 130kg
1x1 132.5kg

Sumo Deadlift + 4 Chains

1x1 160kg
1x1 170kg
3x2 170kg

Huge day, one of my boys went and broke his club record in little athletics over the weekend for high jump, pretty cool and hes earned a spot in Brisbane at states. Workin on sponsors for him now!

ME Bench Day

Holy smokes I need a good sleep, couple shit days sleep this past weekend, I still managed a good bench workout tho. I hit a couple heavy singles and then banged out my clusters, these were tough as I felt like crap but I got them done without too much fuss. I then hit up 4 sets of paused floor press, I forgot how tough floor press is. I used a measy 90kg for 5s then threw on 2 chains for triples. I finished with 1 armm barbell rows and then band pulldowns with static holds. Good session.

ME Bench Day 13/11/11

Paused Bench

1x1 107.5kg
1x1 115kg
1x1 120kg
2x2x2 102.5kg x 2 sets 25-30 secs rest

Floor Press

2x5 90kg
Add 2 Chains
2x3 90kg

1 Arm BB Rows

2x10 37.5kg



iron_worker 11-14-2011 05:09 PM

Congrats to you on your 275lb bench! I'm still chasing that one.... and congrats to your boy too.


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