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HSfootball16 02-13-2008 04:12 PM

HSfootball's offseason lifting as dictated by coach
i figured sence where maxing friday that it would be a good time to start a new journal here, i know i haven't been real active here for about 6 months but ive been lifting still, but not much becasue of football and wrestling. haven't gained much strength sence i left for preseason. heres what im trying for on friday

weight in: 215
bench 1RM: 260
parallel squat 1RM: 350
deadlift 1RM: 330 (coach doesn't want us deadlifting)
hang clean 1RM: 205 (idk why but were not cleaning anymore either)

my goals by 08/15/2008
gain as much strength as i can while still wearing my 38's (more specifics below)
weight: 225-235
bench 1RM:315
parallel squat 1RM: 425
deadlift 1RM: 450
hang clean: 265

the past few weeks we've been doing the following

squat: 1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2
lunges: 3x8
leg curls: 3x8
lat pulldown: 3x8
seated rows: 4x6
speed work

bench:1x8 1x6 1x4 1x2
incline: 4x6
tricep extensions: 3x8
speed work

a bunch of speed work

thursday and friday are just like monday and tuesday respectively

we have next week off from school so sadly no lifting and after break ive got no idea what were going to be doing for lifting but its probably going to be different.

HSfootball16 02-15-2008 01:26 PM

i just had the best day of lifting ever. heres my maxes for this afternoon.

weight in: 215
bench 1RM: 265 PR
parallel squat 1RM: 375 PR
deadlift 1RM: 355 (my stance was to narrow should be able to get more based on my squat) TPR
hang clean 1RM: 200 (very tired should be able to get more if i was rested)PR

i have no idea what happened im happier then ive ever been about lifting. maybe my coach knows what he's talking about. i think ill follow his routine even more after break.

widdoes2504 02-16-2008 07:12 AM

Congrats man!! :weights:

RobS 02-17-2008 10:15 AM

nice job, it's always great to have testing days like that when you can smash some pr's

HSfootball16 02-18-2008 07:11 AM

thanks guys, i cant wait till next time we max. its to bad theres no school this week though, or id be right back in the weightroom.

HIThopper 02-18-2008 12:04 PM

Nice PRs dude!!!!!

HSfootball16 02-18-2008 01:42 PM

thanks HIThopper your doing quite well yourself, although i am using pounds so its not rediculasly good weights (if it was KGs id probably be a amature powerlifter).

hrdgain81 02-19-2008 07:00 AM

HS, very nice PR's keep at it, and pack on that strength!

HSfootball16 02-19-2008 02:28 PM


Originally Posted by hrdgain81 (Post 48856)
HS, very nice PR's keep at it, and pack on that strength!

thanks hrdgain, i hope your shoulder gets better so you can get back into the swing of things.

Cradler 02-19-2008 06:28 PM

Damn, those are some awesome numbers. Congrats, man.

By the by - how did your wrestling season go, or how is it going?

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