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knig22 06-22-2006 03:11 PM

HST, I'm new to this journal
I've borrowed Kane's HST workout which is apparently from 0311 and hit the gym today in order to find my 15 rep maxes.


Leg Press [2] 360+sled
Leg Extensions [1] 130
Pullthroughs [1] 97.5
Flat D.B. Bench [2] 45
Cable Crossovers [1] 17.5 per arm
Shoulder Press [1] 35
Side Laterals [1] 62.5 (on machine)
Cable Pressdowns [1] 100
Wide G. Pulldowns [2] 87.5
C.G. Cable Rows [1] 100
Calves [2] 180
(for my B workout)
Incline D.B. Bench [2] 45
Leg Curls [1] 75
Rev. G. Pulldowns [1] 100
W.G. Rows [2] 100

all 15 rep

I haven't done a full body high rep workout like that ever so it was a new experience. The weight and the workouts generally felt pretty good. I'm not used to doing 1 set on workouts so that was new. Generally It felt good and I feel like that is a good representation of my 15 rep maxes.

From here I am trying to develop my HST workout. I realize that you are supposed to build up to your max over time, but I dont feel like it would be a great workout. If anyone has any advice on how much I should drop the weight for my first workout I'm open to advice.

I would like to thank Kane and 0311 for the information that I have gotten from their posts.

Diet: still trying to establish a good bodybuilding diet. I'm phasing in more protein and calories from healthier foods than I am used to eating. Also added pre and post workout shakes to my diet.

Cardio:2 hours of ultimate frisbee 3 days a week. Not exactly the best bulking cardio but it's a great game.

Cardio: M W Sat
Gym: T Th Sun
Currently: 6'0 174lb

EricT 06-22-2006 03:22 PM

You need to read an HST primer first so you'll understand how to set it up. Go to the web site and that'll tell you how to drop the weight, etc.

You can't just go by someones journal without understanding the logic behind HST istself first. The first thing is to decondition....take at least a week off. Otherwise it won't be a great workout.

You should also ask Kane or 0311 how the method of having two separate workouts fits in.

knig22 06-22-2006 03:28 PM

thanks for the advice

I'm planning a week+ of strategic deconditioning coming up after i find my max reps that will coincide with getting my wisdom teeth removed... killing 2 bird with 1 stone

EricT 06-22-2006 03:39 PM

Sounds good. The strategic deconditioning is what makes using submaximal weights doable...from there it's basically progressive loading in a linear periodiozation scheme. Having the two different workouts but you should allow you to go heavier then you normally would...but most people start with their max and subtract 5 to 10 pounds for each workout over the two week period of each phase.

So without taking into account you're doing two different workouts (I assume you are if you're following 0311's protocol) on leg press if you wanted to plan 10 pound increments that would mean your starting weight is 300. It's as simple as that and you can of course adjust if you feel like your going to hit your max too soon (in case you misfugured it) or if you feel like your so far away from you max you need to increase more sometimes. Really progressive load is all that matters.

Kane 06-22-2006 05:00 PM

Thanks for the honourable mention lol. I hope the journal helps you out with the routine. The most important thing with this routine is (IMO)...the numbers always go up, they never go down, if you feel brave and say do 150lbs on WG Rows, then you do at least 155 next workout...its a slippery slope lol, so plan accordingly. Feel free to pm me if you have questions.

Darkhorse 06-25-2006 08:19 PM

Sorry I'm late, but I just now read your pm..

You shouldn't be doing the program I made for Kane. It's a lot more advanced than what you should be doing. First, you're not supposed to do workouts A and B all in one giant gaggle-fuck session. Workout A for Monday, B for Wednesday, A for Friday..Then B, A, B.

If you really want to do HST, I suggest you do the basic program. Something like this:

2 weeks 15 reps
2 weeks 10 reps
3 weeks 5 reps

First 2 weeks, everything is 15 reps per set. 1 set per exercise. Three workouts per week every other day. Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

[1 x 15] Squats
[1 x 15] Bench
[1 x 15] Shoulder Press
[1 x 15] Pulldowns
[1 x 15] Rows
[1 x 15] Barbell Curls
[2 x 15] Calves

Second 2 weeks, everything drops to 10 reps per set, but now you get to do 2 sets per exercise. Still three workouts per week.

[2 x 10] Squats
[2 x 10] Hamstring Curls
[2 x 10] Bench
[2 x 10] Shoulder Press
[2 x 10] Pulldowns
[2 x 10] Rows
[2 x 10] Barbell Curls
[3 x 10] Calves (Just my preference to keep volume high for calves)

Final 3 weeks, everything once again drops down, this time to 5 reps per set. Now you can do 2-3 sets per exercise. Still three workouts in a week.

[3 x 5] Squats
[2 x 5] Hamstring Curls
[3 x 5] Bench
[3 x 5] Shoulder Press
[3 x 5] Pulldowns
[3 x 5] Rows
[3 x 5] Barbell Curls
[3 x 5] Triceps Extensions
[3 x 10] Calves

That's a very basic template. When trying to find your maxes for the exercises, you need to run each individual rep range on it's own day, and keep the same order of exercises. So on Monday you try to find your 15 rep max for each exercise. You should come very close within a few sets. Don't do too much. There IS a fair amount of guesstimation. For example, after your second set of 15 reps for squats, you'll have a good idea of how much more you could do, so there's no reason to do another set to find out. Follow? On Wednesday or even Thursday (if you're sore) you find all your 10 rep maxes. You'll have a very good clue based off of what you managed for your 15's. Then take a day or two off before finding your 5's. Whatever day that falls on, the following day marks your first day OFF for STRATEGIC DECONDITIONING. I recommend 10-14 days completely off from the gym.

Be sure to write down all your rep maxes for each rep range and exercise carefully. Then go to the HST website and click on the HST CALCULATOR. It's really easy to use. Any questions on how to use it, just ask in your journal and someone will help you.

Good luck!

knig22 06-25-2006 08:31 PM

I've been hitting the gym to find the maxes as you had laid out. I'll have to do a small amount of guestimating on a few things but generally I think I'll have it set up before my 2 weeks off.
Which type of row would you recommend?
thanks for the help, I'll do what you said and let you guys know how the program is working when I get started

Darkhorse 06-25-2006 08:36 PM


Which type of row would you recommend?
It up to you. Whatever keeps you motivated enough to never skip a workout. I'm personally partial to barbell rows. The only thing I don't like is the cable rows with the V-handle attachment. (close grip rows). I have strong biceps, which always take over when I do those. So anything with a wider grip is good to go. You could use the pulldown bar and attach it to the cable rows..Or use a barbell..Whatever you think will allow you to keep PROGRESSING in weight from session to session, meso to meso.

knig22 07-10-2006 08:37 PM

and so it begins
MY deconditioning is over (2 weeks) and I have started my HST program as outlined by 0311.

15 rep cycle, should last roughly 2 weeks (6 workouts) I'm planning on doing workouts on Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday with cardio Saturday and Wednesday consisting of about an hour and a half of ultimate frisbee.

[2 x 15] Squats (A2G) 135
[2 x 15] Bench (flat) 95
[1 x 15] Shoulder Press 30 per hand
[1 x 15] Pulldowns 65
[2 x 15] Rows (barbell) 65
[1 x 15] Barbell Curls 40
[2 x 15] Calves 160
[1 x 15] Shrugs 50 per hand

The first workout went too quickly for my preference (roughly 30 minutes) so I added in shrugs and some ab work. I also added an extra set of squats and rows during the workout because I felt I was getting through it way too fast. Tomorrow I'm assuming the workout will take a little over 45 minutes.

Diet: a work in process. Currently I am taking in roughly 200g of protein in a relatively clean 5 meals and 2 shakes. I'm hoping to work that up to around 250g. On workout days I also take in 75g dex/malto post workout before my 2 scoops ON protein. I am also taking CEE daily.

Current weight: 180 (up 6 pounds on the deconditioning, all fat... I gain fat quickly if I'm not working out)

Darkhorse 07-11-2006 05:26 AM


The first workout went too quickly for my preference (roughly 30 minutes) so I added in shrugs and some ab work. I also added an extra set of squats and rows during the workout because I felt I was getting through it way too fast.
Enjoy it while it lasts.. :)

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