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Hyper Abbreviated Routine

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Old 08-28-2011, 11:57 AM
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Some news:

I still train with a super abbreviated program but I decided recently to give up with sets, it's too hard and builds too much muscular fatigue to be able to make long term progress so I'm doing only singles. So far I found that 6 singles are enough but I'll try to decrease the volume, ultimately to ONE HEAVY SINGLE (again).

My deadlift increased a lot and last time I tried a PR I did:

10*1*170kg with 1min between single. It's done with a straight back. My rounded back 1RM is ~30kg stronger than my straight back 1RM.

Others lifts (Floor Press & Curl) are up too but I was doing sets so the progression hasn't been as good as for the DL. I did 11*45kg with the left arm on the Floor Press and 9*26kg on the Curl (left arm too).

I train at around 90% of capacities, 6 singles for DL, 3 singles for the Floor Press and I try only One Single for the Curl

I hope I'll be able to finish the year with 10*1*190kg for the Deadlift.
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