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triqqey 08-25-2006 01:01 PM

Haven't posted a journal, but I have been following the 5x5 program written out by 0311 for about a month and a half.

Weight Poundages (beginning)
Squat ----------> 5x5 225 lbs
Flat Bench------> 5x5 135 lbs
Overhead Rows -> 5x5 150 lbs (total weight)
Tricep Pushdown-> 5x8-12 80 lbs

Squat ---------> 5x5 155 lbs
Deadlifts ------> 5x5 195 lbs
WideGrip Chins -> 5x5 Bodyweight
Dumbell curls --> 5x8-12 30's

Squat ---------> 5x5 235 lbs
Incline Bench --> 1st set 135 ; next 4 sets 125
Seated rows ---> 5x5 140 lbs
Dips -----------> 5x7-10 bodyweight + 25 lb plate

Flat Bench 155 lbs
Incline Bench 135 lbs
Squat 295 lbs (tried 305, but couldn't push up!)
Deadlift 245 lbs
Overhead Rows 300 lbs (total weight)
Seated Rows 190 lbs
Tricep Pushdown 100 lbs
Dips bodyweight + 35 lb dumbell
Widegrip chins bodyweight + 10 lb plate
Dumbell Curls 35's or 40's (depends on energy level)

Since this was my first run at this and I'm fairly new to weightlifting (lifting for a year, on and off but never seriously only beach muscles), my current poundages increased a lot on some exercises simply because I started out way too light. Other than that, it feels great to move that much weight and I can't wait until I can successfully squat six 45 lb plates (three to a side). My bench sucks, but thank God I have a genetically big chest in proportion to the rest of my body. My overall goal is strength and making sure I don't look like those guys with gigantic upper bodies and toothpick legs. My back is strong as hell as I'm outlifting some guys a little bigger than me on the rows, but I guess I'll focus on increasing my bench in a few weeks when I finish this program, then start another 5x5 program, HST, or another system I saw called the PHA system (it's a golden oldie system, kind of like circuit training, but with free weights).

here's an example of a typical day

Wake up
Cardio for 45 minutes either on bike, treadmill, or HIIT sprints on an empty stomache
Isopure Mass Shake + supplements (Chromium Picolinate, Centrum Performance Multivitamin, {forgot name} a sulfur-pill thing that is supposed to be good for joints/ligaments)
3 hours later... 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts oven cooked with garlic and pepper, 2-3 cups brown rice, a few leaves of lettuce
3 hours later... Preworkout Shake
30 Minutes later... workout, then immediately a Postworkout Shake
3 hours later... 1-2 cans of tuna, a few leaves of lettuce, chug a lot of water
3 hours later... (if hungry) can of tuna, ZMA tablets (don't really think they work, but somehow I've got them and they aren't hurting), sleep

I don't really have much fruit except a glass of O.J. when I feel like it. I mix in 1% or skim milk with my Isopure Mass shake (I impulse buy the milk). When I put down "a few leaves of lettuce" I mean leaves off of a full head of lettuce, not the pre-made stuff. People have really noticed a positive change in my appearance, so I'm assuming I'm doing something right. Also, for the first time since I was 11, I can see a blurry four pack!! My lower abs have NEVER shown, so the upper four abs are all I got.

If anyone would give me advice about which program to switch to in a few weeks when I'm done with this 5x5 could you plz? I kind of want to get more muscle conditioning, so I'm leaning toward the HST program. If you guys have heard of the PHA (peripheral heart action) system could you tell me if it works or not? A former bodybuilding champion of the 50's or 60's used it, but it seems like a great cutting program. (I know, I know, old stuff but it might work.)
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm 5'9" 178lbs (down from 190lbs last month) and around 11-12% bf. Also, I'm 21 years old if it helps any and active in my college.

triqqey 10-24-2006 11:02 AM

Just added a new supplement to my list... Y3 (yohimbe fat burner)

Strangely, my lift numbers have only gone up 20 lbs more than from the last post, but my arms have increased in size from 16.3" to 17.1" in two months! So happy, plus my back got wider... yadda yadda long story short: I've gained without gaining too much fat, though my "bulking" diet did include lots of cheat meals :biglaugh:

I played a pickup game of flag football last Friday and was actually faster than everyone there (7 other guys, all sports players at my college). btw I don't do HIIT, only 40 minutes treadmill or bike every other day before breakfast. I'm paying for it now, though hehe. All the muscles in my legs feel like jelly, and it's Tuesday!

Very pleased with the single factor 5x5, might go into HST within a week or two, get new 1 RMs.

Quick question: Is it normal to increase in leg and back exercises drastically while the chest and arms increase VERY slowly?

My muscles still result in hypertrophy, but upper body exercises (aside from back exercises) just aren't increasing in strength.

Darkhorse 10-24-2006 11:41 AM

Good luck!

I didn't write all that, just cut and pasted it....:)

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