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hrdgain81 05-15-2007 10:13 AM

MMA SE journal, cause i'm silly like that.

To significantly increase strength endurance and overall fitness level. Maintain overall strength that I worked so hard on building since birth. Reduce bodyfat levels, so chicks digg me again. Start cracking skulls ...


I'll be utilizing timed sets as I layed out in the Timed Sets thread, as well as super sets, plyometrics, complexs, kettle bell (when I finally buy one), and good old MA work. I dont have everything layed out yet, and I'm kinda busy at work today, but i'll post what I expect to be doing from day to day. I expect to be continually tweaking as I go.


Because of some recent health issues, my diet is gonna look crazy for someone trying to improve SE. I will be keeping protien high, roughly 1g per lb of lbm. fats will be on the realitively high side, around 100g a day, and carbs will be only before and after workouts in the form of dextrose/malto and sometimes wms if i feel like it. I will also through in a carb up day once a week to once very two weeks. I dont really want to do it, but carbs are very important, and even if they make me feel like shit, I should load them every so often.


Whey (limited use)
Reset AD
Citruline Malate

hrdgain81 05-15-2007 10:22 AM


Monday is an MA day, here is the breakdown:

Dynamic Streching: leg swings, arm circles, low kicking drills, hand whips, ect ect.

Warm ups: Performing 20 kicks per leg, per tech (front, side, back, side snap). Then 20 punches per hand tech (jab, back fist, reverse punch, seisan recoils). each week these numbers will increase.

Hiit Style Kata: Kata(Forms) are preset groups of movements, foot work/kicks/punches ect ect. Isshinryu (my style of karate) has 8 empty hand katas. I use each one as a "sprint" and give 45 seconds rest in between. They can take from 1min to 3min to perform, and are very intense.

Push ups with clap: Did 3 sets of 10 before I burned out, still had strength but I was spent.

*future* I will be adding in more plyo movements on MA days, I want to do foot work dots, box jumps, and some other stuff in here too. I gassed pretty quickly, but thats to be expected, i've been a fat guy pushing heavy wieghts for the past 3 months.

ChinPieceDave667 05-15-2007 12:48 PM

Can't wait to see the results. Good luck.

hrdgain81 05-15-2007 01:06 PM

Thanks Dave, I gotta find a good MMA gym that fits in my budget. Then I'll be able to turn MWF up a notch.

hrdgain81 05-16-2007 06:01 AM


Flat BB Bench - 135x5 (complete disapointment)
Standing BTLeg Row - 5min drill, 15sets @ 90lbs
Leg press - 5min drill, 12 sets @ 10 plates (450lbs + sled)
Super Set skulls and ez curls - 2 sets of each, @ 80lbs
Super Set front and side shldr ext - 2 sets of each, @ 25lbs

Has been spot on, my carbs have been under 100g a day, mostly coming from pre/dur/post shakes. My energy level is up, and I feel great. I'm starting to drop fat and tighten up in the mid section slightly.

Nothing to crazy here, The Reset AD seems to be working well, I havent had signs of adrenal fatique since I started with it.

My shoulder/pec is acting up again, I guess I didnt give it enough time off. I could feel it pulling as I pushed 135 so I said to hell with it for now. I'm very disapointed, but I gotta let it heal. I'm gonna take the next two weeks or so off from any pushing movements, be it bench, mp's, or whatever. I'm gonna focus on Rowing/pulling movements for upper body. Sucks.

Sorry about the shitty exercise descriptions, I havent done any of these things in a long time so I'm not really sure what they are called. The rows I use are like this, you put the end of an oly bar in the corner, stack wieghts on one end, stand over it, with the bar between your legs, and row the wieght to your chest. The shldr shit is just front and side lifts.

Overall, I felt good minus the pec shit, and I was exhausted after the back to back 5min drills. I love this shit man.

hrdgain81 05-18-2007 05:50 AM

Worked late, no workout at all, I was beat.


Burpee's, 5min drill, 8 sets @ 115lbs
Standing Row Machine, 5min drill, 12 sets @ 240lbs
Super Set, high cable curls, tri push down 2 sets each @ 50lbs
Super Set, seated shoulder press, rev forearm curls (70lbs-Bar respectively)


Wasnt great the last few days, I've hardly been eating. I've just been so dam busy its screwing me up. But what I do it is fairly clean, with the exception of a chip which last night ... god dam those things are good.

Sucks I didnt get in a workout on wed, oh well, life sucks, wear a helmut. Thus day was odd, The burpee's destroyed me, I really need to work on those, 8 sets in 5 min is unexceptable. I shouldnt have rowed after that, its too much back work all at once, but I'm trying to rest the chest, so I didnt have much choice. Oddly enough I took a chance on the last supersets with seated shldr press, and my pec/bi didnt bother me at all. I will take it slow, but it seems like thats one pressing movement I can actually do, I may 5min drill that next week.

hrdgain81 05-23-2007 07:53 AM

I guess I should update this. My job has been kickin my ass the last handful of days, so no workouts since last thursday, been putting in a lot of over time hours, so I cant really complain, the pay checks will be good, so I'll be able to buy all the kettle bells i want mmwwaaahhahhahah.

And of course with the holiday coming up, i wont be doing anything but laying on the beach, liftin drinks to my mouth, and spittin game like its my job ... hopefully there will be some horizontal cardio this weekend. Have a good holiday everyone.

Darkhorse 05-23-2007 08:21 AM


spittin game like its my job
LOL, hope you get your free Palo Alto sample in time!

hrdgain81 05-23-2007 11:15 AM

^^ thats what i'm sayin, i'm gonna punish some one this weekend.

hrdgain81 05-29-2007 04:52 PM

aight, so after that little layoff i'm back at it, the mini vacation was awesome, I feel refreshed and ready get down to business.


5min drills
flat db press, 8x90lbs, 3x80
stnding row, 11x115
hack squat, 10x140

super sets
high pulley curls/single arm tri push down 2x10
rev curls/fore arm curls 2x10xbar

since flat barbell bench has been killin my shldr/bi/tri, i switched it up, and everything felt pretty good, still a slight pull, but nothing like barbell. It was interesting though, I would do 3 reps then pop the wieght to my knees, so it was working my abs and just about everything else uperbody, i need to go with 80 or 85's next time, i ran out of strength and had to drop the wieght at the end.

I upped the wieght on the rows since last time was too easy, and had to do hack squats since the leg press was taken. I like the hacks better now anyway, its more of a full body movement.

This workout kicked my ass, i'm sippin on my shake now, and chillin, i'm soaked through with sweat, I love this shit.

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