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Ross86 09-07-2007 11:47 AM

Ross' Strength Journal
I just got back into the weight room a few weeks ago. I messed around for about a week and then took a week off. I did a chest/triceps workout Monday 8/27. I looked online that afternoon for a workout program and chose the HST...I started the program Wednesday 8/29. I had lifted for a month at the end of school before summer break, 2 weeks during the summer, and for one week after school started back, so I had a good idea of what weights I was going to work with. I have also lifted off and on for the past...7 years. Quit for 2 years after I hurt my back and then I have been off and on because of injuries.

My first week SUCKED because of the Chest/Triceps workout I had done Monday. I know I would have seen better results if I had waited & spent the time figuring out what weights I should have been lifting, but I wasn't going to put off any more time.

I'm still working on strengthening my back. I tried doing sumo dead lifts one day with 135 lbs and it was killing me the next day. I tried doing squats also and that was bad. I know leg press hurts it also. I am going to do weighted lunges next week. (I have a ruptured disc)

These are the supplements I'm taking:
Anabolic switch (CEE) pre workout
Pro NOS (42gr protein) post workout and before bed
Animal M-Stack (started 9/5)
I started my diet the week before starting HST. I need to clean it up...I know what I need to eat, it's just a matter of doing it. I'm taking in too many fats right now in about 30% of my meals...all of the other meals I'm doing okay in.

Wed 8/29 - 2X15
Flat Bench Press - 115
Nose Breakers - 45
Preacher Curls - 50
Shrugs - 135
Lat Pulls - 90
Rows (machine) - 90
Arnolds - 35
Calf Raises - 90

Fri 8/31 - 2X15
Flat Bench Press - 120
Arnolds - 35
Nose Breakers - 50
Preacher Curls - 50
Lat Pulls - 90
Rows - 90
Shrugs - 135
Calf Raises - 90

Mon 9/3 - 2X15
Flat Bench Press - 125
Calf Raises - 95
Arnolds - 40
Lat Pulls - 105
Rows - 90
Nose Breakers - 55
Preacher Curls - 60
Shrugs - 145

Wed 9/5 - 2X15
Flat Bench Press - 130
Calf Raises - 95
Arnolds - 40
Preacher Curls - 60
Lat Pulls - 120
Rows - 105
Shrugs - 155
Nose Breakers - 60

Fri 9/7 - 2X15
Flat Bench Press - 135
Calf Raises - 100
Arnolds - 40
Preacher Curls - 65
Lat Pulls - 135
Rows - 120
Shrugs - 165
Nose Breakers - 65

Here is my body weight starting on the day before I started dieting:
8/24 - 154lbs
8/27 - 155lbs
8/29 - 156lbs
8/31 - 157lbs
9/3 - 158lbs
9/5 - 160lbs
9/7 - 159lbs
Unfortunately, I don't know what percent of my weight is body fat. None of the equations I've tried have given me a realistic number. When I'm straining during a lift, veins come out all over my arms, shoulders, and chest...and I can see my abs, so it must be pretty low. I'm 21 years old & 5'9". I haven't ever met anyone that had more difficulty gaining mass or weight than me...but now that I have the diet pretty much figured out, I'm loving it.

After the first 2 weeks, I'm really happy with my bench's my weakest lift. But my shoulders...what the fuck? When I lifted 4 weeks ago, I was using 60lb DBs for Arnolds...3 sets of 8. I think it's because I didn't work them first thing on any day. Weeks 3-4 I will start with military press. I'll hit chest with incline DB press. Triceps progressed nicely and biceps were okay. I haven't done calf raises or shrugs in years, so I'm figuring that out again. The order of the muscles worked is crucial...didn't get that worked out till middle of the second week.

I'll try to post every workout day from now on.

ChinPieceDave667 09-07-2007 12:37 PM

Get that disc fix man. That will bring you down if you don't and you will never be able to be as big as you can.

Ross86 09-07-2007 01:03 PM

You're definitely right. I'm working on strengthening that area every day. I don't care for dead lifts, but I miss my squats dearly.

Ross86 09-10-2007 06:57 PM

At the end of this workout I felt...warmed up. :arg: I know it's just part of the program...............

1st day of 2x10 for two weeks

Military Press - 2X10 105 - 135 next Friday
Calf Raises - 2X10 100
Incline DB Press - 2X10 45 - 65 next Friday...maybe 70's?
Curlbar Standing Curls - 2X10 70
Lat Pulls - 2X10 120
Bent Over Rows - 2X10 95
Shrugs - 2X10 145
Nose Breakers - 2X10 50 - 75 next Friday
Leg Press - 2X10 140

Body weight - 162lbs

Notes: Leg I didn't know I could do it...the last time I tried I ended up walking around like a grandpa for 2 weeks. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, but it felt good today. Bent over rows...hurt the hell out of my back. I might have to isolate with DBs on a bench instead...I'll know tomorrow. I kind of slacked off on the diet a little this weekend, so I didn't think I would possibly have increased my weight, but it was up 3lbs from Friday. It will be interesting to see how much I weigh Wednesday.

EricT 09-12-2007 02:05 PM

Hey, good luck on this. I didn't see your journal before.

I remember you posting about your back problem. Definitely check out some single leg stuff. Lunges both reverse and dynamic, bulgarians, step-ups. I'll bet you can do those without irritating your back.

Ross86 09-12-2007 07:13 PM

Thanks Eric. I'm already really pleased with the results. I've started to do leg's something that I wasn't able to do last year. I'm going to try to finish out this week and next with the bent over rows, but it's not going to be fun. My legs are way behind, so I'm going to have to do a lot to catch up.

I kind of skipped the "Wednesday workout" that I had planned and moved to the "Friday workout" just because Monday was too easy. It went really well, so it was a good move!

Military Press - 2X10 115
Calf Raises - 2X10 120
Incline DB Press - 2X10 55
Curlbar Standing Curls - 2X10 75
Lat Pulls - 2X10 125
Bent Over Rows - 2X10 105
Shrugs - 2X10 165
Nose Breakers - 2X10 65
Leg Press - 2X10 160

Body weight - 161

I did 30 minutes of hard cardio at the end. (YUCK!!!!) Not what I'm looking to do right now. I got one of my friends to come work out with me and the only way that I can get him to do cardio is if I do it with him. He seriously needs to do it for health reasons though, so I am going to take a half step back to help him out. According to the bike, I burned...500+ calories, so...I am going to be doing some serious dieting to make up for it. From now on, I am going to slack like hell when I do cardio with long as I can get him in there. Definitely worth the sacrifice. I'm already looking forward to Friday's workout! :)

Ross86 09-14-2007 08:59 AM

Military Press - 2X10 110
Calf Raises - 2X10 135
Incline DB Press - 2X10 60
Curlbar Standing Curls - 2X10 80
Lat Pulls - 2X10 135
Bent Over Rows - 2X10 110
Shrugs - 2X10 185
Nose Breakers - 2X10 65
Leg Press - 2X10 180

Body weight - 161

Crappy workout...I backed off of the military press 5 lbs just because it was too much last time...I'll hit 115 Monday, and should be able to get 125 by next Friday. Incline DB press was kicking my ass today...the 55s felt like 45s on Wednesday, but the 60's felt like 70's today. Nose breakers were tough Wednesday, so I put the same weight on and it felt so much better today. Moving up to 70 on Monday for sure. Maybe it had something to do with drinking last night...I only had 4 or 5, but I was out later than usual. First time I've worked out in the morning in a longgg time. Diet has been shitty lately too. I'll clean it up this weekend and hit it hard Monday.

Ross86 09-17-2007 07:27 PM

Military Press - 2X10 115
Calf Raises - 2X10 135
Incline DB Press - 2X10 60
Curl bar Standing Curls - 2X10 85
Lat Pulls - 2X10 150
Bent Over Rows - 2X10 115
Shrugs - 2X10 195
Nose Breakers - 2X10 70
Leg Press - 2X10 200

Body weight - 163

Good workout. This weekend was just what I needed... I blew through military press & incline DB press. When I had tried 115 on Wednesday, I couldn't finish the last set of MP. The same was the case with the 60s with DB press on Friday, but even worse. I've hit new 10RMs on all of my lifts already...they're higher than all of my 8RMs actually, and I have two days left.

I'm lifting as hard as ever, but lifting smarter is definitely the key. If I could just bench press 200 lbs... :wtf: I can lift +15 lbs more than my little brother in every single lift that I've ever heard of, but he kicks my ass at bench press. :banghead:

HIThopper 09-17-2007 11:02 PM

This is gonna be a cool journal.

I dont think I've ever read anyones journal doing HST, so be sure to keep us updated especially with the size gains (arms legs etc).

Best of luck with the back too mate.

Ross86 09-18-2007 04:19 AM

I didn't do any measurements at the beginning, which I should have done. I'm having the pleasant troubles of not fitting into some of my clothes right now. My back is a lot wider, which is something I've been focusing on and by the time the program is over, I will have gained an inch around my biceps. I know this because a certain shirt I wore before I started the program now squeezes into my biceps when I wear it..the fabric doesn't stretch either. I've gained a little body fat in the middle, and I'm sure I've gained some water weight, but I know that I've gained a few pounds of muscle too.

Not that I'm having a hard time getting into the gym right now, but the support from you guys guarantees that I make it in there. Thanks

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