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Frontline 08-16-2006 07:22 PM

Sleazy's "Cut Diet" Journal
Well its time for another cut. For this journal I will be following the “Cut Diet” word for word and keeping you all updated on my results. If you are unfamiliar with the Cut Diet it was authored by the registered dietitian Chuck Rudolph and put out by the supplement company Scivation. For more information you can visit or

The Cut Diet is a 16 week program that includes a complete diet and training layout with the goal of preparing someone for a bodybuilding show. I will not be writing down my exact meals or training as I believe anyone who is truly interested in these details would benefit a lot more from actually purchasing the book and getting the complete set of dietary guidelines for this diet.


As far as training goes the program is broken down into four phases:
Weeks 1-4: Condition – 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps
Weeks 5-8: Growth/Strength – 5-6 Sets of 6-10 Reps
Weeks 9-12: Strength/Growth – 5-6 Sets of 4-6 Reps
Weeks 13-14: Showtime – Rep ranges of 12-15 all the way to 40-50
Week 15: Final Week – Preperation for the show, light workouts.

Other Key Facts:
  • The program is a 15 Week split training program hitting each bodypart once per week.
  • Most weeks are 5 days of training and two days of rest.
  • Low intensity cardio is recommended 4-5 times a week AFTER workout for 30-45 mins.
Based off your size and body fat percentage this book has different total calorie breakdowns and lists what you should be eating for each meal. This makes it easy to follow all the way throughout the program.

Key Points:
  • All carbs come from fiberous veggies (broccoli, green beans, etc) with each meal along with grapefruit for select meals. These are the only carbs you will be consuming each day.
  • Every three days you will perform a carb reload and this will be the last meal of the day. This reload consists of oats, sweet potatoes, veggies, etc.
  • Absolutely no protein with the carb loads.
  • Protein comes from lean meats (chicken, halibut, sirloin, turkey breast) and whey protein.
  • EFA’s come from almonds, peanut butter, flax oil, and fish oil.
Since this book is put out by Scivation all the supplements recommended within it are Scivation products. They make the point of noting that these supplements are not required but are recommended to get the best results out of the program.

Supplements I will be consuming (I choose not to take everything)
  • Whey Protein (Scivation’s Substance WPI and Whey from True Protein)
  • Xtend
  • Lean Green (Green Tea Extract)
  • Fish Oil Caps
  • Multivitamin Packs
  • Glutamine
  • Glucosamine & MSM
  • ZMA
  • Citrulline Malate
Pre/Post Workout Nutrition:
There are NO Pre/Post workout shakes on this diet. During the lifting and cardio sessions you are allowed to drink a shake consisting of BCAA’s and Whey Protein. You can start sipping on this shake prior to heading to the gym and continue to drink it all the way through your session, including cardio.

Once again, these are just a few of the key points of the program that I feel is important for everyone to be aware of prior to reading the journal. It in no way includes all the key facts and details Chuck has laid out. So if you are truly interested I suggest picking up the book yourself.

I am going to try to take this program all the way through the 15 weeks as if I was actually preparing for a show even though I won’t be. I really want to see how lean I can get from following this diet and have heard great of great results from other people so I am really looking forward to giving this diet a go.

So let's get started....

Frontline 08-16-2006 07:50 PM

Sunday August 13th:
After going out and buying all the required foods/supplements the week before I started the diet today. Sunday is an off training day so this was a chance for me to get used to the diet and see exactly what it entailed.

Knowing that I was starting the diet today and will be sticking to it for the next 15 weeks, I decided to let loose the week before and enjoyed going to the bars and having some high carb meals I normally avoid (BBQ, pizza, etc). I purposely did this to get it out of my system, but it definately shows as my weight is 3-5 lbs heavier than what I have been weighing in at normally.

Weight: 217 lbs
Height: 5'11
Age: 23
Body Type: Endomorph

I also borrowed a friends camera and took some before pictures but will be holding off posting these until the end of the program. These will serve as personal motivation and to track my progress. If I can successfully complete this program I will be posting the before/after pictures at the end of this journal so everyone can see the results.

Since last september I was following a WSB program and then completed a 3 month session of DFT 5x5. Since I wasn't following a set diet I definately "bulked" up a little bit but that is fine as I was really doing these programs for the strength gains. It will be interesting to see how my body changes when switching to the new training routine.

The Meals:
* Based off my weight, body type, and estimated bodyfat the book recommends I start at their 2500 calorie level.

I woke up and was totally underprepared for breakfast today. This meal didn't seem that big to me on paper, but it definately was when I had to start consuming it:

6 egg whites
1 whole egg
1 cup steamed spunach
1 oz grilled chicken
4 tsp peanut butter
8 oz grapefruit

I also discovered that 8 oz of grapefruit is generally 1 to 1 1/2 grapefruits, which means that I had to go out and buy alot more. Since these have to be peeled I decided to spend alot of time peeling them all today so I wouldn't have to do this every morning.

Excluding the two shakes, the other meals of the day consisted of a lean protein source, veggies, and fats such as almonds or natural peanut butter. These meals were not bad size wise and I had to consume them every 2-3 hours. An example of a common meal I will be making:

5 oz chicken
1 cup steamed Broccoli
18 almonds

Besides that common meal layout there is a meal near the end of that is a little bit bigger which includes:

6 oz chicken
1 cup steamed Broccoli
2 oz avocado
8 oz grapefruit

All the veggies had to be steamed which seemed like a pain at first but it really only takes a few minutes and is much better than microwaving. I was also unprepared for the actual amount of veggies I would be consuming daily on this program. Today I consumed 7 cups of veggies coming mainly from broccolli and green beans.

Even though I started the day off on a big meal and was eating every 2-3 hours I can honestly say that I was not extremely full or uncomfortable at any time. But the main benefit of the diet today was that at no time was I actually hungry either, I can see this being a big benefit and key to sticking to the diet as long as I eat my meals every 2-3 hours.

From this point on I will be bulk cooking my chicken/protein so I can simply assemble my meals and just eat them without the hassle of cooking each time. This will also be key to following this diet at my corporate job which has been the cause of many of my other diet failures.

Monday will be my first full day of training and dieting and seeing how it fits into the corporate world...

Darkhorse 08-16-2006 08:01 PM

WOW, all eyes on this journal, nicely done! That's a very interesting point you made on the grapefruit. I had no idea it was 1.5 of those nasty things. Now, are you planning on combining the Xtend and EAA's or just take the EAA's? If I had to choose, I'd hold off on the EAA's until you're in weeks 5-12, when you start getting back into muscle gain. The Xtend is probably better suited with the addition of Citrulline and Glutamine for the initial weeks of hell.

BTW, I had no idea I am three years your senior! :biglaugh:

As always, good luck and I hope you stick with it.

Frontline 08-16-2006 08:08 PM

The problem with grapefruit is that most of the weight comes form the peel, so once you peel it your not left with much weight.

I asked about the EAAs and they said combining them with Xtend would be the most beneficial as taking them in place of Xtend would not be optimal. I believe I will stick with just the Xtend initially and maybe add in the EAAs later or simply hold off on testing these for now.

I'm a few days behind on this journal, I will be catching up tommorow since its an off training day :)

hrdgain81 08-17-2006 05:51 AM

Oh man, this looks painful sleazy. I'll be keepin an eye over here. I cant wait to see what the results from this are like.

ChinPieceDave667 08-17-2006 06:21 AM

FINALLY, I was waiting for a your journal. Good luck.

markdk86 08-17-2006 08:43 AM

Good luck man. I read this diet and I don't have it in me to be in the gym that much. I've been doing UD 2.0 and loosing fat and gaining strength. Lost 1.4% BF this past week.

Good luck Sleeze

Frontline 08-19-2006 03:48 PM

Monday August 14th:

Today was the first full day of trying to stay on this diet plan while at work. I have prepared alot of chicken breast in advance that way all I have to do is wake up and assemble my meals. Today I brought in in two main meals containing chicken/broccoli/almonds, a shake with PB and two scoops of whey, and an additional cup of broccoli to take with my shake. Brining in all these meals got a few looks from the coworkers but there was really no problem grabbing these and being able to eat every 2-3 hours.

After work I came home and had meal #5 which contains a whey shake, glutamine, almonds, and more broccoli. My plan was to time this meal so that I could go to the gym and be back around when I was supposed to eat again. So 45 minutes after consuming this I took my tablespoon of natty peanut butter as recommended and downed 2 grams of ALCAR then headed to the gym with my premade shake.

Todays Training Routine:
Incline Bench - 4 sets of 15
Flat Bench - 4 sets of 15
DB Flys - 4 sets of 15
Pushups - To Failure
Crunches - 4 sets of 25
Reverse Crunches - 4 sets of 25

During Workout Shake:
7 scoops of Xtend, 1.5 scoops of whey, and 2 additional grams of Citrulline Malate

From the few weeks I did of DFHT training I knew these sets would be killer if I started off to high. So I went really light and tried to hit all 15 reps. For the most part I did pretty good on everything except the last set of flat bench as my arms were starting to give out and I only got out 12 reps.

Crunches were another problem area for me. I am not used to doing this high amount of crunches so around set 3 I started to have problems and missed a few on both regular and reverse. As my abs get used to this I should be able to hit all the reps.

After the lifting part of the session I went into the cardio room and did 35 minutes of fast paced walking on the treadmill. This was about 3.7 mph at a 5.0 incline. The cardio was not supposed to be hard as we are supposed to low intensity cardio staying within the 130-150 bpm heart rate range.

Overall I felt the day went pretty well and the diet is really easy to follow if you prepare everything in advance. There was no point during the day that I was hungry as I was continuosly eating.

Frontline 08-19-2006 04:11 PM

Tuesday August 15th:

Well, breakfast is finally getting easier to handle. I think the first two days I just wasn't used to eating that big of a meal but now I actually look forward to it. Another trick I found to add a little flavor to the egg whites was to spay a little "I Can't Believe its Not Butter" on them. This is allowed on the diet and basically has no calories so all is good if you just use a few sprays for your veggies as well.

Today's Training:
Squats 4 sets of 15
SLDL - 4 sets of 15
Leg Curl - 4 sets of 15
Leg Press - 4 sets of 15
Leg Extension - 4 sets of 15
Standing Calf Raises - 4 sets of 15
Seated Calf raises - 4 sets of 15

The leg training day was probally the longest training day of the week. Squats off course were done A2G but only had a 45 on each side. This was probally a little too light as it was pretty easy from all my DFT 5x5 squat work so next week I will be bumping it up. Had to check the ego at the door and resist the urge to stack more weight on the bar.

I did have some problems with the Straight Leg Deadlifts as they were bothering my lower back. I had a buddy check out my form and supposedly everything looked good so I'm not too worried about it. I have a weak lower back and usually anything that involves bending at the waist bothers me. I will just need to adapt to the SLDL's as I haven't done them in quite a while.

Everything else in the training session went pretty well and I finished up the lifting with 40 minutes of treadmill at the same settings as yesterday.

Today was also the first carb loading meal and was the last meal of the day. You are not permitted to drink water 60 minutes prior to and 45-60 minutes after the carb load, so I made sure I got in a before I started.

The carb load consisted of three broken down meals containg the follow items eaten in order:
1.5 cups steamed green beans

3/4 cup oatmeal
2 tbsp raisins
1 tbsp honey
18 almonds

7.5 oz sweet potato
2 tbsp natural peanut butter

The carb load again wasn't that bad and if your having problems you can spread it out over 30-45 minutes. The oatmeal meal was pretty damn good as it was sweetened even more with some Splenda. Only near the end of the sweet potatoes did I start to feel it but it wasn't a major issue. The hardest thing about this meal was not having any water and having to stay up at least an hour afterwards before hitting the sack. Because of the time involved I didn't go to bed until 12:30 which is later than I would have liked for work reasons.

Still feeling good and energy levels are surprisingly high.

Frontline 08-19-2006 04:28 PM

Wednesday August 16th:

I woke up this morning and immediately noticed that my calves muscles were completely jacked. They were sore as hell and I had to slowly put the weight on the hell of my foot whenever I would get up from sitting down for a while. This all came as amusement to my coworkers when I was walking around the office. I haven't specifically focused on my calves in a long time and even though yesterday's calves workout was fairly easy they decided to fight back.

Another comment I wanted to make but not elaborate on too much is that you will have no problem "keeping things moving" as far as digestion goes. I'll leave it at that, but its a point that should be made as other cuttng diets such as CKD's have alot of people complain about that issue.

Today's Training:
Bent Over Barbell Rows - 4 sets of 15
1 Arm DB Row - 4 sets of 15
Cable Pull Downs - 4 sets of 15
Wide Grip Pull Downs - 4 sets of 15
Dumbbell Shrugs - 4 sets of 15
Hyperextensions - 4 sets of 15

Nothing too hard in today's workout. Again just making sure to keep it light and try to hit every rep as next week we will be bumping the weight.

I had to skip the cardio today as my calves were jacked up so I will be making it up later in the week. Tommorow is also an off day training wise which should give them a chance to recover.

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