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IronandIvory 06-13-2011 02:53 PM

Summer scorch to the INBF
Objectives: Competition prep for the NGA Mr. Galaxy 9/17 (14 weeks) and the INBF Long Island Experience 9/24 (15 weeks)
I may jump into the OCB mid-Atlantic 8/27 (11 weeks) depending on how I look in the beginning of August.
This also a log for Focus XT and the PES Erase/Alpha T2 stack. SNS has been kind enough to let me try a tub of Focus XT and I will also be logging that seperately.

2:45PM - 1 scoop Elite XT, 2tbsp sesame oil, water.
2 PES Alpha-T2, Beverly International BCAA's/Ultra 40, Cellucor P6Extreme (not black or red, the natty), Chaotic Labz Annihilate, Focus XT
3:30 - Workout
5:00 - 3 whole eggs, 3 strips turkey bacon, 1/2 grapefruit. 2,000mg omega 3/6/9, 1 PES Erase, Beverly International BCAA's/Ultra 40
7:30 - 6oz chicken breast, 1oz almonds, salad greens, apple cider vinegar
10:00 - 6oz ground turkey, 1 cup summer squash
10:30 - I may throw back another scoop of Focus XT if I think Im gonna need it before work at 11:00
1:00 - 6oz chicken breast, 1oz almonds, 1 cup kale, 1 Erase, 1 AT2
3:30 - 6oz ground turkey, 1 cup kale
6:30 - 4oz chicken breast, salad greens, apple cider vinegar
7:30 - 3 CRG G-Factor, 5mg melatonin, 1 Erase, 2,000mg omega-3/6/9, a glass of red wine (yup)
8:00 - Naptime

Small snacking on fat sources like peanut butter or almonds if I feel hungry.

Current stats:

* Age: 23
* Weight: 161
* Height: 5'6"
* Body Fat: Dunno, around 13%
* Previous achievements: 2nd place Open Lightweight NGA Garden State 2011


* 1 body part per day, hamstrings and calves 2x weekly. M=Chest, T=Triceps, W=Shoulders, Th= Biceps, F= Back.
* Only training quads with one big motion per week, trying to balance my upper and lower body... my legs are huge.
* Cardio 3x weekly; 1/2 hr postworkout. I also swim a lot on weekends.

Additional Supplements

* Centrum Complete (Multivitamin)
* Kre-Alkalyn (Creatine)
* Kre-Celazine (Joint Support)
* Vanadyl Sulfate (Insulin mimicker)
* Chromium Picolinate (Blood sugar control)

Changes are made through the process and I will post them accordingly. I can log almost daily but going to limit it to 2-3 times per week with highlights and (hopefully) pictures. I can also do basic bloodwork every day but going to limit that 1 per week.

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