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forsure 04-21-2008 04:40 PM

300Lb Bench 169LBs. 16Years old
im 16 currently, and this was me just doing a quick bench in class today.

during the weightlifting season my final total was 515. 250 pause bench with a 265Clean and jerk

_Wolf_ 04-21-2008 05:01 PM

great work

patsfan127 04-22-2008 03:59 AM

not to be mean or sound cocky cuz that is a great lift great work. But right now im 15 benching 335. But great work!

_Wolf_ 04-22-2008 06:27 AM

this is turning into a worthy thread.

MONSTAFACE 04-22-2008 06:38 AM

good work young dudes. keep it up. just remember no matter how much you bench, military press, squat or deadlift, it gets down to who plays the smartest and HITS the hardest. no matter how much strength you have, skill goes hand in hand with it. oh and FYI keep your grades up................sounds corny but i can speak through experience.

but once again congrats on the hard work. use it well

triqqey 04-24-2008 10:45 PM

that's awesome! you must feel like superman after lifting that, right? j/k

FlawedGRUNT 04-25-2008 08:40 AM

genetics are a beautiful thing, wish i could have done that at 16, wish i could do that now!

shmadufa 04-28-2008 03:06 PM

flawed you just ticked me off, its called hard work idiot no wonder you cant do it now.

Darkhorse 04-28-2008 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by shmadufa (Post 55410)
flawed you just ticked me off, its called hard work idiot no wonder you cant do it now.

I don't think you understand that genetics play a gigantic role on where you are, and where you'll be. To put it in perspective, if I can bench 405 at a bodyweight of 245 lbs (which I can), and my buddy benches 540 at 200 lbs and we both train the exact same.. Guess who has the better genetics.

Another example. Hypothetically, if I was to go up to a guy in my gym who was ripped to shreds and ask him how he was so successful, and he replies that he adds some jump roping a couple times a week if he starts getting fat and starts eating a half gallon of ice cream.. Do you think that'll work for everyone else? Or does he just have extremely good genetics, burns at an incredible rate, and is just stupid lucky??

Additionally, if you look around at other people's journals, you'll see an extremely hard working forum. But what you won't see is everyone seeing the fruits of that hard work on certain lifts. Instead, you'll see a small few in the mid 300's, and mostly everyone else in the mid to low 200's.. That's not to say they won't eventually get there because that's not my point. The point is this teenager ALREADY head and shoulders above a lot of others. I seriously doubt you could have an intellegent conversation about hypertrophy with him, but whatever he's doing is working. That's what flawed was talking about. :)

widdoes2504 04-29-2008 05:04 AM

I have to agree with 0311 on this one. Hard work is essential for sustained growth and performance, but good genetics are definitely beneficial. I can also bench 405 at 240 lbs now but at 16 would not have even attempted so much. I worked extremely hard for a number of years to improve, but I would say the teenager doing that much weight that soon has better genetics than I have.

I would however also say that I have more knowledge and experience which, while hard earned, has served me well. I do not think anyone here saying that bench was not great work, but would have been nice to be able to do at that age :)

Congrats Forsure and Patsfan keep it up :weights:

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