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hrdgain81 11-30-2005 07:49 AM

oh I gotcha, like sumo style (like ustables avitar at bn). I dont know, I'd rather have the full ROM, then cut it short to use heavier wieghts.

BG5150 11-30-2005 07:54 AM

Something about the sumo stance makes me worry about my groin.

Anybody have any good videos about rack pulls?

Darkhorse 11-30-2005 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by BradG
Anybody have any good videos about rack pulls?

Rack Deadlifts: Go to the squat rack and put the bars under knee level. Rest the barbell on top of the bars. Keep an overhand grip. From there it's a regular deadlift, but you aren't going all the way to the floor, eliminating using your legs. This is a great exercise for back thickness because you can go very heavy.

There aren't any videos that I know of. I've checked in the past when I was doing DC Training.

ruelisla 08-29-2013 09:35 AM


Originally Posted by Frontline (Post 11108)
I just wanted to see what form most of you prefer on your deadlifts. I personally still use a regular stance but noticed more and more people at my gym using the sumo style. I don't think I have given the sumo stance enough of a chance so I am going to try it for a while and see which works best for me.

So which stance do you use and which allows you to go the heaviest (if you have tried both)?

I do both exercise but i prefer the regular stance which it hits all your body parts specially on your lower back.

In sumo style deadlift it doesnt hit much on your lower back it targeted more on your inner thigh.

Frontline 08-29-2013 05:51 PM

Both conventional and sumo have their own benefits as they put focus on different areas.

Personally I have made the transition from conventional to sumo mainly because of lower back problems. I have herniated discs in the l4-l5 area and have to be very careful when doing conventional deadlifts. Even when doing the exercise with proper form I had a tendency to eventually put too much load or tweak/reinjure my herniated discs. This was pretty much an endless cycle of rebuilding and eventually injuring my lower back setting me further back.

The sumo deadlift shifts more of the load to the legs and hips and acts to "lock" in your lower back when performing it correctly. When going from conventional to sumo you will definitely notice a lot more involvement with your legs and hips, but your lower back and traps will still be heavily involved. Not to mention that depending on how wide you place your stance, the distance your pulling the weight from the ground is minimized which helps to prevent injury in those with back problems.

I would recommend trying out both stances, everyone has a preference and people are simply built differently. I personally always found the conventional deadlift awkward for my body type and sumo just feels much more natural and solid for me. When trying out sumo for the first time I'd recommend going lighter than you would if you normally train with conventional deadlift stance due to the different muscle group focus.

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