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_Wolf_ 06-22-2008 09:10 AM

Excellent Deals from APT!!!
Want Two (2) F*R^E-E Products from APT Pro Lifting Gear
and 15% off your entire order? Read carefully below.

**Share/forward this with your lifting buddies if you would PLEASE.**

FULL 15% OFF & FREE Basic Lifting Straps & 12" Wrist Wraps
No minimum order amount & stays active as long as you guys use it.
(any design of 12" Wrist Wraps except the 2XH or 3XH or custom cuffed)

Use the code of TWOFREE & Let us know what 12" set you
want in the "Comments/Extra Info" section when checking out.
(DO NOT ADD THE 12" Wrist Wraps or lifting straps to your cart, we will just send them)

(some affiliate or drop ship products may not apply for the 15%off)

Buy one get one F*R-E^E on the below list & 15% off
and the free 12" Wrist Wraps AND the Basic Lifting Straps.

(only while stock is on hand, this IS limited)

Strongman Truck pulling Harness
Steel 750 rated Lifting Hooks
Adjustable Tricep Universal Strap/Rope
Solid Wrist Wrap Bands, Med & Heavy
Ab Sling Hanging Cuffs
Extreme Hooks 350 rated
Ankle Cuff Straps

New Products added,........MANY MANY new Excellent Products

Powerlifting/Weight Lifting LOCKOUT and GOOD LIFT Shirts

Hybrid Wrist and Knee Wraps, Convict/Strangulator MIX ifting

Still Pre Selling the "THE WRAP 2XH and 3XH" 20% savings on Pre Order ONLY

New 2nd Powerlifting page added,.....See some BIG Elite Level Lifts

WANT REAL PROTEIN,....Pheasant, Quail, Ostrich, Elk, Lamb, Venison,
Guinea Hen, Muscovy, Duck , Piedmontese, Free Range Buffalo, Free Range Chicken

WHOLESALE accounts,....Room for approx 10 more wholesale accounts FY 2nd 1/4.
This is limited for those that qualify with the stock on hand for qualified accounts.

APT will be adding the full line of IVANKO Equipment very soon.

Lift SAFE and thanks for being on the APT Pro Gear TEAM

Alan P. Thomas, CEO
CPL, USMC, 1991-1995
APT Inc Pro Gear

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