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hrdgain81 12-15-2005 07:50 AM

training Pops
So I spoke with my father last night and he was hurtin pretty bad from movng a cast iron wood stove. he told me he knows he is a little out of shape, and he wants my help. Since this is my first time setting up a training program for someone a lot older then I (he will be 59 soon) I wanted your opinions on this. So here is what i was thinking:

Three full body workouts a week. Very light weight in the medium rep range (8 to 10), mostly compound movements, although i will have some isolations because i know range of motion and flexibility will be an issue. light cardio every other day (walking on the tredmil, 15min max).

I'm not so concerned with bodyfat loss for him, he has always been leaner, although in his old age :D he has put on a few extra lbs. I want to build strength slowly, and I know that fatique and soreness will be an issue. I want to start him off very slowly, so here is the break down.

Deadlift (4x8)
Incline bench (4x8)
db row (4x8)

15min tredmil walk

squats or sissy squats (4x8)
standing shoulder press (4x8)
alt dum curls (4x8)
tri extensions (4x8)

15min tredmil walk

lunges (4x8)
bent over row (4x8)
flat bench fly (4x8)
crunches (3x12)

15min tredmil walk

let me know what you guys think. I also think he would be a good candidate for HRT, i'd love to see my dad all jacked up on a serious test cycle l:eek:

ChinPieceDave667 12-15-2005 08:14 AM

what about HST training using 15, 10 then 8ish or 6 and start using your program and see how he does this that.

hrdgain81 12-15-2005 10:53 AM

Thats what I was thinking Dave, use this for a month to six weeks just to get him used to real physical activity again. Then get him on a modified hst, or some form of dual factor.

oh i forgot to mention, he wont go to a gym. lucky enough for him i left all my wieghts and my tredmil at the house when i moved. He has a home gym waiting for him.

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