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DropInPlates 07-21-2010 10:25 AM

Workout Routine help/What works best for you?
Ight guys so this is my first thread so hopefully its a decent one. First off i've weightlifted before and have gotten pretty good results from it (besides some nasty stretch marks under my arms) but I noticed before the summer started that I seemed to plateau and didn't see any more gains or increases in strength. I haven't gone to the gym for about a month so my muscles are fresh and ready to hit the weights again so i'm lookin for some advise.

First, I was planning on lifting 6 times a week. Mondays and thursdays Abs/chest/and back. Tuesdays and Fridays biceps/triceps/and light ab work. and then wednesdays and saturdays would be shoulders and legs. Sprinkle in some cardio and some random exercises for lats and forearms and i think its a decent plan. I'd mix up the exercises every two weeks or try different things but hopefully its a decent foundation. What do you think? From personal experience would you say try it out or not so much?

2nd, when would be the best time to switch up a workout. Can switch up the exercises every 2 weeks or so or maybe i can just throw in a week or two of circuit training to mix things up a bit. Any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks

MasterMind75 07-26-2010 06:50 AM

I think you're training too often but everyone is different I suppose.

Personally I would lay off on the volume and concentrate on intensity. so training 3 days per week but every session consisting of either deadlift, squats, bench press or military press. Concentrating on progressive overload and hitting some big numbers. As for changing your routine mine is slightly different every week apart from my big lifts.

Hope this helps

ALPHA_XX 07-26-2010 12:40 PM

id say that6 times a week is much too often !!
3-4x would be great.
i dont know much about you, wheter your a beginner or more advanced. so id just give you a poven plan:

mo:-squats: 3-4x4-10
-benchpress: 3-4x4-10
-barbbell or dumbbell row: 3-4x4-10
-abs: 2-3x

we: -deadlifts: 3-4x4-10
-military press: 3-4x4-10
-chins: 3-4x4-10
-abs: 2-3x
increase the weight in every set, but perform only the last set to failure!!! perform always 2-3 warm up sets before.
try to put on a little weight on the exercises as soon as possible. so if you can do a 220lbs bench press 12x in the last set, increase the weight for 5lbs the next time.
train one day, rest the next. so: mo: train, tu: off, we: train etc.
its a solid routine that will gain you some pounds for sure !! give it a try. dont forget to eat a lot of healty foods and make sure you eat hig protein. at least 1g per lbs of bodyweight !! and get enough good fats !

080880 08-18-2010 06:58 AM

I'm new here too. In the past, I've always done a lot of singular excersizes and done this over 5-6 days a week. It seems that the consensus here says you should focus on the meaty excersizes and less days in the gym. I'm gonna give this a try, as I am currently trying to put a few pounds on. Thanks for all the insight btw...

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