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darkdog 02-11-2012 08:19 PM

Mass Muscle Diet
I am 33 year old and i have never ever worked out in my life. I weight 164LB, Height 5'10 and some belly fat if i wear a medium T-Shirt which is pretty much visible to anyone. I was addicted to coke & junk food, fried food, cheeseburgers, nuts, etc you name it i did it. I am always surprised that even though with all the junk food & eating outside every day i still weigh very less.

Starting of this year i decided to work out. I have a normal 8 - 5 job which requires mostly sitting on my chair without any physical activity. At my lunch break i go to the gym and work out for 1 hour every day for 5 days a week which includes

Day1) Chest & Back
Day 2) biceps & tripeps
Day 3) shoulders, legs, abs,
Day4) Chest & Back
Day 5) Biceps & Triceps

I run 1 mile every day in the gym also.I have also started drinking a lot of water and vitamin C juices. 25LBS weight + 35LBS bar for my bench bress. With dumbbells i use 30 LB flat with 6 / 7 reps of 3 sets.

My daily diet is in the morning
1) breakfast 3 egg whites, 1 small glass banana & Starwberry milkshake, 2 white bread, small cup of tea
2) All afternoon before workout just coffee, 1 bagel, couple of oranges & a little whey protein shake before working out.
3) After work out a full glass of protein shake, chicken with couple of bread for lunch
4) 6 clock egg sandwiches / ground beef burger
5) Dinner (Chicken / lentils / fish with bread)

My question to nutrition / fitness expert is that if what i am doing is correct or not ?. Do i need to increase my diet as per the information i provided earlier ?. I still have fat in my muscles but i have seen my biceps getting a little stronger & chest growing a little bit also.

My main goal is to get big & gain strong muscles. I have also replaced my supplement from Whey Isolate to Myotein.

yuris 02-12-2012 09:16 AM

Your workout is not bad or good, it's up to you to see if it works for you.

But in my opinion if you are starting to workout for the first time, you should workout all the muscles in your body 3 times a week.
2 exercises per muscle group, and using different exercises and learn how to perform them correctly. Don't try to get big too fast, it will not work and it would be disappointing, have small goals, its good for the EGO, you will always have the felling that you are accomplishing something that you work hard to get it.

Your diet is not good, get away from bread, it gives you fat. Try oats it's better.
You need a balanced diet 50% Carbs 35% Protein 15% Fat , it should be ok.

irondog19 02-12-2012 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by yuris (Post 92180)
Your diet is not good, get away from bread, it gives you fat. Try oats it's better.
You need a balanced diet 50% Carbs 35% Protein 15% Fat , it should be ok.

agreed. You need a little more balance in your diet and to cut a few things. heavily agree with the switch to oats, you'll benefit more from them than white bread.
As for the workout, it would be more beneficial to do full body workouts. you'll engage more muscles, burn more fat, and be able to focus more on your forms which will aid you now and in the future.

look for programs that incorporate full body or compound movements - squats, deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups etc. Your body will get a great kick-start from those movements!

maleaco 02-16-2012 07:33 PM

Lots of fish. Lots of chicken. Oh, and more fish. And then eat more fish.

HE>I 03-18-2012 05:19 PM

if you are going to use bread then use wheat bread not white. Wheat is a lot healthier.

Kevsworld 03-24-2012 04:59 PM

I would cut back to weight training 3x a week and do cardio on the other days. I'd highly recommend something like Muscle Gaining Secrets if you are brand new to training. This program will teach you how to get bigger and stronger.

Just email me and I'll be happy to give you any advice.

Milaonsupps 06-25-2016 03:50 AM

You should get more protein.

Milaonsupps 06-25-2016 03:50 AM

And of course, creatine for power output.

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