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JefferySais 11-11-2014 05:54 AM

Question about peptide use
Quick question about peptides for those who have used them. My friend is an amateur boxer and wants to be able to maintain his current bodyweight to reduce the abdominal fat and love handles. Because boxing is so different from say bodybuilding (because you need anaerobic and aerobic endurance) it can be rather taxing on the body.

This is his following consideration:

GHRP-2 100 MCG 3 times daily: Morning, post workout, and Before bed
CJC-1295 100 mcg 3 times daily: Same as above
PEG-MGF or IGF-1 Lr3 100 MCG daily post work out  

Does anyone have any experience with this use? As in what is the reduction in body fat, what is the increase in lean body mass. Should he expect a positive or negative influence on his endurance? Sorry if this is a controversial post, but I wanted to ask anyway.

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