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Kevsworld 07-15-2015 08:24 PM

Prohormones are Junk
A few days ago I was reminiscing about all the crap I tried back in the 90's. This is the era when "prohormone" supplements hit the marget, and I eagerly used several different types. Most of them have been banned now. I usually don't agree with government intervention, but it was probably for the best.

Anyway, here's an article I wrote: Prohormones: History and Hype

bomb_r2 05-08-2016 09:01 PM

My last cycle caused me debilitating high blood pressure. 193/118 . I was actually hospitalized for it . I took milk thistle , cranberry pills , Hawthorne berry fish oil and saw palmetto. I ran it for 18 days I put on 12 pounds . I broke a tendon in my finger and the my wrist at work on day 14 . my pct wasn't here yet so I had to continue taking dmz2.0 a few more days . everything that could've went wrong did . I think I'm done with steroids . if you hate yourself do them . you'll experience God awful rage , Tourettes syndrome and bad headaches. I experienced depression and sleepless nights

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